Beauty By Week

My my, the work week just blows past me as an adult.  My life is basically just work and very very little me time.  My appearance and beauty routine has taken a huge hit as a result from my work horse transformation.  This now requires me to have “the schedule”.  A schedule where I plan out my big beauty steps and spreading them across the week so I only have one thing to do per day.



The calendar I use is work-week centric, so it is a little off.  A week is technically cyclical anyways, so the odd linearity of my schedule makes sense either way.

Monday: Aveeno Oatmeal bath.  Yes, I have eczema, and a high-stress job does not help at all.  Sometimes I don’t get home until 10pm or even midnight, but this unwinding bit for the start of the week is exactly what I need.

Tuesday: At-home facial.  Gotta keep my skin glowing and healthy if I have to sell health.

Wednesday: I don’t have much time to run out and get an eyebrow job, so cleaning it up once a week will stretch out the wax longer, thankfully.

Thursday: I am not a big fan of my pores–keeping them clear with a pore strip weekly will not only keep them clean, but also keep me from wanting to pick at my face.

Friday: Polish change.  Opening bottles, tearing up stickers, and the odd jobs of a pharmacist does a doozy on my mani–an at home polish change keeps me looking fresh and not as much a hot mess.

Saturday: Using a mint julep masque is one of my small pleasures ever since my undergrad days.  It is the quintessential green mask that is depicted throughout time–and I can see why! That is how us doctors roll on a Saturday night–green masks and a movie.

Sunday: Embarrassingly enough, my eczema spreads to my scalp too.  While it is under control, I gotta keep it that way by using the Neutrogena T-gel shampoo and conditioner once a week, more if it is really bad.

What is your beauty schedule?


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