Little Wedding Moments

As if you haven’t caught on to my themed week, this wedding is a pretty big deal.  One of the major signs of growing up is your best friend getting married.  We have been friends since freshman year of high school and were probably the most immature and obnoxious duo there ever was.

Sadly, she is also moving away to Alaska only a few days after the wedding (YUCK!).  I wanted to give her something that not only symbolized our friendship but helped her to stop and remember her wedding day.  I have always heard that the wedding day is mostly a blur and the little moments are what keep you going.

Enter the new charm craze.  After Tiffany’s charms, Italian charm bands, and Pandora, a new version has risen.  I love the looking of floating charm necklaces and how they can be worn as long pendants.


For her wedding charm necklace I chose her and her husband’s initials, the year of their wedding, a gem for the color of her bridesmaids dress, and a wine glass–because we LOVE wine.  The back plate says “Love”.

There are many charms that you can choose from to reflect your own life, and it depends on the retailer.  My necklaces were from a vendor on Etsy via VeryJane.  You can always try Origami Owl for a much, much, larger selection.



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