Daily Dose 8/30

I am really not a fan of weeks where I work every day in short hours.  While I don’t get burnt out easily and I only have to be there a little while, I have to work every day! Yuck! Otherwise, just little highlights from the week:



Wrong place for the sticker, but the irony kills me



Don’t hate me ’cause you ain’t me. Can’t wait to use this bad boy #extremecouponer



Got my dream LBD and styled it a little bit. Loving my red pumps with it!



Another addition to the VV family in my closet



So this happened…Don’t know if I should be proud or ashamed.

Have a great long weekend!


Green Pom Pom

I’d like to introduce a new accessories biz from one of my cousins, Green Pom Pom!  Everything is hand-made and made to order.  Total grass-roots-type effort.  Yes, being recruited into production is hard to escape.

Here are my favorite picks from the inaugural collection:

Team Spirit Head Bands–get them in your school colors! ($4!!!)

Chunky Cotton Braided Bracelet–Neony! ($5)

Infinity Scarf–perfect for fall transition, and game day, of course! ($22.50)

Added bonus: a portion of the proceeds will go to the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia

Lilly ESS 2013 Haul

In a drastic change from yesterday’s black and white theme, enters my wonderful world of Lilly! Amid a flurry of controversy with the Lilly site crashing, I managed to get my order through.  Seriously though, grown women acting like toddlers whining about internet servers.  I wonder if any of them even know how the internet works, because you can’t just “make it bigger”.  Yeah, that was entertainment within itself.

This haul was made possible by PayDayMas. And it was a big one:



Lavender skirt in Just Add Mint



Hyacinth skirt in Fiesta Pink Pique Lace



Crowley dress in Schooner Blue Dock Hopper.  It is actually quite large, this may need to go up on Re-Lilly.



Candice dress in Sand Bar Blue Crash Landing



Nienie dress in Flutter Blue Lucky Charm



Shoreline Tote in Let’s Cha Cha (so great for a fun pop work bag #professional)



Riley Infinity Loop scarf in Snorkel Blue Hold your Horses



Classic McKims–can’t wait to rock these when I wear my red Langford Market belt



Shelly Jelly Sandal in Clear Jammin–shamefully used for the gym’s shower shoes

Black & White

Have I ever mentioned that I am in LOVE with Mosaic District? Back in my childhood, it was the gang lands of Merrifield.  It consisted of a strange Multiplex Cinema that hosted loads of birthday parties in very uncomfortable seats, and a weekly bout of violent shootings.  That business closed abruptly.

10 years later, Merrifield is now known as Mosaic District–Bethesda part deux. It is a bustling and chic district ready to fill up with great shopping.  The founding stores of this new shopping center took great risks, but I can see that it is paying off.  One of my favorite stores is Langford Market, where I had bought this slightly hilarious dress earlier this year.

The store runs great deals.  Out. Rage. Ous.  Deals.  This particular shopping treat was a buy-2-get-2 event.  That means 4 new pieces for me!  For some reason, in a wonderfully colorful store, all the black and white dresses really drew to me.






Not pictured, I selected a wide red belt with a horse bit buckle to add a pop to all this black and whiteness

And did you see the delicate detail of this dress??20130831-211105.jpg

Make Up Monday: 8/26

As much as I love a good Sephora spree, my heart lives with my drug store cosmetics.  What girl doesn’t remember sneakily buying her first lip gloss at a drug store and hiding it from mom? Oh, just me? Ok… #TigerMom

Now that I practically live in a drug store, I get to see what is new and snag all the deals! The latest deal at my work is on the Revlon lipsticks.  I am in LOVE with Revlon lip butters.  The colors are so natural, yet fun.  As the name dictates, they are also buttery soft and smooth.  I picked up..oh just a few:



I just love the fun packaging






Creme Brûlée



Peach Parfait



Juicy Papaya



Candy Apple



Raspberry Pie




So my lips are just a tad fuller than most people’s…it’s a blessing and a curse, really.  I love  how smooth they come on, and just bit bolder than the neutral line.  What are some of your drug store favorites?

Daily Dose 8/23

This week went by pretty quickly, but I am about to embark on a weekend double shift. Oh Saturday and Sunday 12 hour shifts, have mercy on my soul. Here are highlights of the last week:



Duck. If you haven’t had it, you need to.



Death of my first beauty blender. Apparently they are only good for like 3 months–why are they so darn expensive then? This bad boy was 9 months old.



Home made poptards from Ted’s Bulletin, in a post coming soon!



My Lilly order came in, also in a post coming soon!



It’s flu season, guys, get yo shots on.

Car Care Kit

About a month ago BF and I were about to embark on a trip–only about an hour to go to my best friend’s wedding.  As we loaded up our car and started up the engine…my car battery died.  Oops.

After a stern lecture about car maintenance, he told me I had to get jumper cables.  And a car kit in general.  He worries a lot… and knowing me, he needs to.  I have concocted a little emergency car kit, for such womanly emergencies.



1. Jumper Cables, for when car batteries die

2. Car Jack, to change your tire–you SHOULD know how to do this

3. First Aid Kit

4. Flat tire spray–helps mend the little holes until you can get a new tire

5. Fire extinguisher–still call the fire department, but you may need one for little fires and make sure it doesn’t reach the gas tank

6. Lug wrench–I’m not sure that’s the actual name, but you need it to change a tire too

7. Flashlight

8. Toolkit

9. Tire pressure gauge.  Comes in an electronic version too

Backstreet’s Back



You. Guys. I went to the Backstreet Boys concert! For 4 glorious hours, I was 12 again.  It was a little spontaneous–my cousin managed to have a few extra tickets, and I jumped on that bus, FAST! With just a few low quality iPhone shots, I would love to share my experience.  IT. WAS. AWESOME.


First, DJ Pauly D opened with some thumping songs


Followed by my second lover, Jesse McCartney, who seemed to have an identity crisis.  I was convinced he was going to do Gangham Style.


Oh, but my boy did not disappoint.  He is still fine as hell.



Then, my all-time biggest crush ever, Nick Carter, emerged and it was party party party from then on.  I loved every second of it!


The guys admitted that they were getting old–holy crap they are like 40 years old now! They announced that they are settling down, doing more acoustic type music, and maybe not dancing so much from here on out.  20130828-125538.jpg


Oh, but I do love a good boyband dance sequence.  All of my favorite songs from middle school were played.  It was so good. So. So. So. Good! Oh, and ‘NSync sucks.

BTS: Agendas

This is a milestone.  This is the day I never thought would happen.  My first not-back-to-school season.  I LOVE back-to-school (back-to-cool) season.  I love buying school supplies.  This is the very first year–in 22 years– that I did not have to go out and prep for the new school year, because there is no school year!

Just because school is over, doesn’t mean I don’t need the basics to get through the work week.  The agenda/planner is one of the most vital accessories for adult life.  Now that we are beyond spiral bound notebooks, agendas and planners are definitely the new fashion accessory.  It basically says, “I am SO busy I need to plan, but I’m fabulous too!”

My top picks for this year:


The winner I ended up taking home is the black and gold chevron planner from Paper Source–my new favorite place.  My planner last year was the Jumbo planner from Lilly Pulitzer, but wanted something just a tad bit more sophisticated.  I am absolutely coveting the Kate Spade planners for next year though!
How do you plan?

Make Up Monday 8/19

I finally bit the bullet and did a Sephora beauty makeover. After a little bit of struggle to even get in an appointment (they are a little stand offish for mall employees), I got my face all did. I had a free consultation from becoming a VIB and it was also part of PayDayMas! I wanted to go for a natural look that I can wear every day to work, and that is quick! The beauty advisor also suggested some quick adjustments to go from day to night for the rare occasion that I can go out for drinks and dinner after work.

Marc Jacobs Matte palette eyeshadow ($59) / Cover FX makeup primer ($38)/ Marc Jacobs Lips makeup in Role Play ($30)/ Laura Mercier eye makeup Caviar pen in Amethyst ($26)/ Korres bath body product pomegranate moisturizer ($34) / Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24H ($45)
And the finished product…



Other products used that I did not purchase are:

Estee Lauder eyebrow pencil ($26)

Estee Lauder double wear concealer ($23)

NARS Laguna bronzer ($36)

NARS Orgasm blush ($29)

Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner ($23)