Bachelorette Survival Kit

The party before the party–the bachelorette party–comes with a lot of expectations.  Let me tell you a secret.  When most of the bridal party is at the top of the careers, married, with children, it is hard to keep up with the girls with the diamond diplomas (also known as the MRS degree).  Hangovers are almost inevitable, and even hard to cure.  Let me introduce you to my bachelorette survival kit:


Strategically shaped like a bucket, for other uses, and strategically placed next to the bride’s bed for other purposes.  Inside the bucket comes some pretty handy supplies for when you head back to the hotel room in the wee hours of the morning, and for when you actually wake up:


1) Ibuprofen for the pounding in your head (avoid acetaminophen, since it takes a toll on your liver with the alcohol)

2) Make up wipes to slough off the mess on your face before you go to bed

3) Saltines to settle your stomach

4) Hair ties to make yourself look almost normal for brunch the next morning

5) Sleep mask so the sunlight peering through the room doesn’t disturb you

6) Tums…in case the crackers don’t work

7) Water to re-hydrate you

8) Chocolate to get your blood glucose levels back up–also, delicious

9) Gatorade to replenish your electrolytes

10) Chips for the grease and carbs, also to help with the blood sugar

11) Gum, also to be less of a hot mess at brunch

Til death do we party!


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