My Inner Elle Woods

If there is something not in shortage in the world of pharmacy, it is the amount of professional meetings that we are able to attend.   With the lovely world of professionalism, is the professional dress code that is mandated.  In school, professional dress was expected for lab days and presentation days.  People are pretty lax about it, as long as we are wearing closed toe shoes and anything-but-denim clothing.

For these professional meetings, people mean professional. Suits. Dresses. Heels. I generally like to wear professional attire, because I can rock a mean suit dress.  Now that I am tired from work and have unfortunately grown out of all my professional clothing, I have to have a wide imagination.  For some reason I feel like I can relax just a smidge about the proper attire. Oh yeah, and my Elle-Woods-like mentality about standing out in a sea of black suits.  Who wore a bright orange blouse to a meeting? This girl.


With another meeting approaching, I am loving the colorful picks that my favorite retailers are selling: New York and Company, Ann Taylor Loft, and Lilly Pulitzer.  These have a great pop of color and go very well with a navy or black blazer to tone down the crazy.


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