Down on the Pharm

In the event of getting licensed, many people have asked me what the craziest things that have happened to me in the pharmacy.  Let me tell you, I am just lucky if nothing crazy happens to me.  To round out my top 10:

10. A lady once demanded that I refund her for an entire bottle of prenatal vitamins because she did not get pregnant after taking them.

9. A lady in a motorized scooter asked me what diet pills is the best and fastest without exercising. Diet pills (except Alli) are not FDA approved and I personally do not believe they are safe or effective.

8. A man once asked me to show him where the baby aspirin is.  I showed him the 81 mg Aspirin, and he FLIPPED OUT. He specifically wanted INFANT aspirin because that’s what his doctor told him to get.  This is why I hate the term “baby” aspirin.  You should NEVER give a child under 15 years old aspirin.  Many health problems can occur, so when doctors recommend baby aspirin, they really mean low dose, or 81 mg.

7. A girl, obviously high, running crazy around the store with an obvious heroin scar on her arm.

6. A man wanted to know what he can do for his acid reflux. And then he threw up all over my counter.

5. A man complained about having to wait behind a lady who was causing problems. And the same lady complained that someone complained about her.

4. I received a prescription for physical therapy and the patient demanded I fill this. Lost for words.

3. Another patient demanded I fill her prescription for contact lenses.  We had never, ever, sold contact lenses or glasses in the pharmacy.  If you are wondering, places that sell eyeglasses also sell contact lenses.

2. Many, many, many older adults (70s-80s) cleared our shelves after Oraquick got released in the market.  Oraquick is the at-home HIV cheek swab kit. Yup. That’s an image I’m not going to get out of my mind.

1. These fools hired me to be in charge. Hey Girl HEY!

And then there is how I feel every time I piss someone off and they ask me to do it as a favor…

If I could do it, I would, but I can’t. Not even for my mother.


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