Bachelorette Survival Kit

The party before the party–the bachelorette party–comes with a lot of expectations.  Let me tell you a secret.  When most of the bridal party is at the top of the careers, married, with children, it is hard to keep up with the girls with the diamond diplomas (also known as the MRS degree).  Hangovers are almost inevitable, and even hard to cure.  Let me introduce you to my bachelorette survival kit:


Strategically shaped like a bucket, for other uses, and strategically placed next to the bride’s bed for other purposes.  Inside the bucket comes some pretty handy supplies for when you head back to the hotel room in the wee hours of the morning, and for when you actually wake up:


1) Ibuprofen for the pounding in your head (avoid acetaminophen, since it takes a toll on your liver with the alcohol)

2) Make up wipes to slough off the mess on your face before you go to bed

3) Saltines to settle your stomach

4) Hair ties to make yourself look almost normal for brunch the next morning

5) Sleep mask so the sunlight peering through the room doesn’t disturb you

6) Tums…in case the crackers don’t work

7) Water to re-hydrate you

8) Chocolate to get your blood glucose levels back up–also, delicious

9) Gatorade to replenish your electrolytes

10) Chips for the grease and carbs, also to help with the blood sugar

11) Gum, also to be less of a hot mess at brunch

Til death do we party!


On the Hunt for a Bridesmaids Dress

The only thing that is almost as agonizing in the wedding planning process as the wedding gown is the bridesmaids dress. Although I am not the bride, I was a little anxious about the whole ordeal because I just wanted everyone to look great in the same dress.

A few notes when picking out a dress:

1) Look for dresses around 6 months before the wedding–it takes time to get them shipped!

2) Pick a color first then a style.  This was important to us because our color is green and having any type of one-shouldered dress made us look like the Statue of Liberty.

3) When picking a style, remember all of the awkward photo opportunities…

4. If you plan on everyone having the same dress, pick something that flatters everyone.  This sounds impossible, but just remember that height, hips, and breasts are all important factors that should be considered.

5. Dresses are expensive…and so are the cost of alterations.  Not all of your bridesmaids are in the same financial situation as each other.

All things considered, I am in LOVE with the dress the girls had picked out.  It is definitely something we could wear again for another special occasion, but it is just so flattering on everyone!  Also, I am totally obsessed with cowl neck lines. It’s modest yet mysterious at the same time.  The color for the dresses is a deep emerald, which is incredibly elusive on the internet.

Still on the prowl, or doing preliminary searches? Weddington Way is a great resource for finding the color and style you want! It is kind of like a shared pinterest board for the wedding party to pick out their favorites and save it to the group picks.

Make Up Monday 7/29

In honor of Wedding Week 2013, I’m going to highlight one of my most favorite blushes for the blushing bride! I am completely with this blush and how natural it looks. It is a little difficult to apply without the right tools, so I use my trusty beauty blender to pat it on and blend it neatly into my cheeks.

The eyeslipsface cream blush in Heartbreaker ($6) is natural and bright.  It works for any season and leaves a matte finish.  I’m just too old for shimmer these days.



Daily Dose 7/26

Adjusting back to real life is really hard after a work-cation.  This week was my first real week as a pharmacist and the week was so nice to me.  Here are some things that eased my transition:



Found my sweet spot at Jamba Juice with my favorite Matcha green tea smoothie



A little Georgetown Cupcake treat



Royal Baby watch on drugs. Here, here, Prince George!



My treat from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale



Re-certified to save lives!

Have a great weekend!

DIY Facial


There is something people tend to forget about doctors.  For the first 10 years, we are flat out broke and we owe the government…something in the 6 figures.  So my sister and I, the two doctors, really wanted to treat ourselves and get a facial.  Too bad our bank accounts disagreed with us.

We stopped by Target and scooped p these babies for $2 each.  You can actually squeeze out 2 uses (maybe even 3) from each packet and enjoy your afternoon at home.



I have never had a real facial, so I have nothing to compare.  My skin felt so fresh and cool afterwards.  One day…I’ll be able to afford a real facial and I’ll be able to see if it’s even worth it if I can pick up a $2 packet.

Pop Sugar: July


I caved. I finally caved and ordered from my first subscription service! Birchbox, Ipsy, whatever! The Pop Sugar Must Have box has no comparison! Although it is a bit pricier than other subscription services ($35), it is so worth it! No sample sizes, no foil packets, no awful tubes of perfume samples.  PopSugar has deluxe to fill sizes and a variety of items.  It is not quite a beauty box, but it is a lifestyle box. It has items for beauty, home, food, and entertainment. Let’s take a look at my first box!



An enormous box worth about $80



Huge Ice cube trays–bigger cubes melt slower and keeps drinks cooler without watering it down



Fancy rose gold chain from Bauble bar!



Iced Tea for the summer. Yum!



Supergoop sunscreen serum



A pretty summer shade



Cookie chips–super delicious!

Although it costs more, it is definitely worth it! While the $10 boxes are worth about $30, this $30 box is at minimum $80-100!  I can’t wait to see what I get next month! Previous months have had really popular books and on-trend clothing items.  Won’t you check it out too?

Unicorns United!

I had the lovely pleasure to attend my pharmacy fraternity’s national convention this past week.  It was held in Richmond and hosted by my initiate chapter. I love my unicorns and will definitely remember this convention! Just a few favorite snaps:



Go Unis!



Apparently hotels with bidets exist in Richmond, VA



Amazing little M&M trinkets!



All this time, I lived across the street from the State Capitol and had never visited until now



Virginia House of Delegates, oh and Lincoln was filmed in here


A catered breakfast and all I wanted to do was indulge in a bowl of Lucky Charms



Another awesome chocolate trinket



When pharmacy schools unite….

Oh and I was elected to be a national vice president! I’m coming to a chapter near you!

Make Up Monday: 7/22

It is a pretty late post today–I had other things to do, like wait for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge to give birth. Yup, I sat on my butt all day waiting to hear of the sex of the baby.  Although I wanted a girl, she had a boy.

In honor of little Baby Cambridge, I picked out some baby blu make up favorites!

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics blue eyeshadow / NARS Cosmetics creme eye shadow, $36 / Makeup brush / black Up glitter eyeshadow, $19 / Eyeshadow brush / Ralph Lauren / Marc by Marc Jacobs make up bag / Essie nail polish / Henri Bendel / ORLY nail polish, $16 / Deborah Lippmann
Until then, I just want to watch Kris Jenner try to set up a play date for North West

Daily Dose 7/19

I love when half of the work week is a conference.  It makes the days go by so much quicker.  I am currently in Richmond, attended a meeting for my favorite unicorns! This past week has been a whirlwind, which kicked off with my best friend’s bachelorette, some more training days, and ended at the old stomping grounds.  Highlights were not hard to find!



Easy and fun way for the bridesmaids to find each other in the dark



A little guy I made at work. Yes, I got paid to do this.



A throwback favorite outfit that I pulled together



A surprise date with the boyfriend and a satisfying-under-400-calorie dinner at Brio



My favorite part about traveling for work: picking out my favorite jewelry to show off

Have a great weekend!