Knots and Navy

Tons and tons of anxiety right now.  My boards are tomorrow and I have been slaving over my review book for the past few weeks.  Now that we have reached the day prior, I decided to relax a little bit and have a girls day with my best friend.  That translates to: I know she is not working today and I am dragging her to go pick up some items I have been coveting.

Right now I am in LOVE with with navy and pink (with a little bit of inspiration from Mackenzie Horan at Design Darling), especially this little set, all from Zara:


Zara dress / Zara shoes / Zara messenger bag

As a pre-emptive celebration for myself, I would LOVE to be able to pick this up today. The dress is just oh-so beautiful and feminine, the heels are so simple and flattering, and the bag gives just the pop of color. I would love to wear this to best’s rehearsal dinner–only if she is wearing something much more fab!


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