Sunny and Strapped In

Despite the torrential downpours we have been having in the lovely Mid-Atlantic, I always need to have a pair of sunglasses near me.  I keep one pair in my purse and 2 pairs in my car–one for me and a courtesy pair for my passenger.  I know, I sound like a high class philanderer always prepared for his many women.

These three pairs are the ones I have been rocking lately (and quite honestly, for the past year) as well as the straps and croakies I had been using with them.  Since they are rather old, I do not believe they are available through their respective retailers, but the designers provide very similar pairs in their new collections:



1. Tory Burch

2. Ray-ban Wayfarers

3. Lilly Pulitzer


1. Cotton Snaps (amazing because they come apart at the neck)

2. Vineyard Vines

3. Lilly Pulitzer



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