Daily Dose 6/28

This has probably been one of the most emotionally tumultuous weeks of my life.  Yesterday, I took my NAPLEX, which pretty much determines my life.  The week started out really stressful as I was just pulling all-nighter after all-nighter to get all the material possible inside my head.

The week did have a few pick-me-ups thought:


NAPLEX nails: olive green is the color of pharmacy (Essie’s Sew Psyched+Butter London Gold accent)


A lovely pair of glitter Jack Rogers I got at a very discounted price thanks to Rue La La and my lovely Twitter followers


My reapings from the Julep warehouse sale.  Aren’t they a pretty thing



A last minute pretty-thing I got before test day



Totally sought-after heels I got as a pre-treat for myself from Zara

Results come out on Monday. This is NOT going to be a nice weekend…


Don’t Trust It

My test was this morning. It was terrible. This was supposed to be minimum competency! I had questions where I don’t even remember learning in school! I don’t trust it!

While I was in school and procrastinating studying with friends, we loved this one SNL skit with Kristen Wiig and there is just this one little part where she goes, “Don’t trust it!” I don’t know why, but it cracks me up every time.

From the terrors of today, here are some other things that I don’t trust:

1. People who use AOL email addresses

2. When it is raining or storming out and it’s still sunny

3. Stores that sell their own catalogs

4. Any weight loss supplements (they are NOT FDA-approved, people!)

5. Britney Spears haters

6. “Savory” cheesecakes

7. People dressed up as food dancing on street corners

8. Black and white clowns, but not mimes

9. Actors who only play one type of character

10. Celebrities-turned-politicians

Knots and Navy

Tons and tons of anxiety right now.  My boards are tomorrow and I have been slaving over my review book for the past few weeks.  Now that we have reached the day prior, I decided to relax a little bit and have a girls day with my best friend.  That translates to: I know she is not working today and I am dragging her to go pick up some items I have been coveting.

Right now I am in LOVE with with navy and pink (with a little bit of inspiration from Mackenzie Horan at Design Darling), especially this little set, all from Zara:


Zara dress / Zara shoes / Zara messenger bag

As a pre-emptive celebration for myself, I would LOVE to be able to pick this up today. The dress is just oh-so beautiful and feminine, the heels are so simple and flattering, and the bag gives just the pop of color. I would love to wear this to best’s rehearsal dinner–only if she is wearing something much more fab!

Study Break.

Studying is exhausting. This book is exhausting. My life is exhausting right now.



Enter the greatest time-waster procrastinator of all time: Candy Crush.  Such a distraction!….or is it?



Maybe the creators had a good idea going on.  Have you ever gotten so frustrated when you were so close to completing the level and then  you are out of lives? Then you have to wait two and a half hours for your lives to be fully restored.  What am I going to do until then? Oh right… study.

So that is how I have been studying.  I play a round of Candy Crush, and study until my lives are restored.  Best of both worlds! This game is evil and genius at the same time, I cannot even handle it.

Speaking of evil, here are a few of my pet peeves about Candy Crush:

1. I KNOW I got 5 in a row, but instead of a sprinkle bomb, but I get a striped jelly bean instead.

2. I get all excited that I cleared the jelly but then there is one hiding in the impossible corner

3. Chocolate morphing your key piece like two seconds before you need to move it, but couldn’t because the other move was still collapsing other candy pieces

4. The entire concept of the candy box wrapper and tray and jelly. THREE?!

5. When an entire column of licorice falls.

6. When you can’t even access your extra lives on the Facebook version. WTF, mate?

7. When you complete the task but not enough points. Really? It’s called efficiency…


So yeah, that’s what I do instead of studying for the most important exam of my life.

Make Up Monday: 6/24

Happy Monday! For this week’s make up monday, I wanted to share my Influenster Vox Box with Mary Kay products in a video! These items were all sent to me by Influenster for me to review–I did not purchase any of these products.

Please enjoy, and I will post links of the items below!

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Mary Kay Products I tested:

Cream eye color in violet storm ($14-22)

Cream eye color/ concealer brush ($10)

Lash Primer ($15)

Lash Love Lengthening Mascara ($15)

True Dimensions Lip Stick in pink cherie ($18)

Enjoy! I hope to do more videos soon!


Daily Dose 6/21

First test down, now I can start stressing out about my big-big test! I’m glad I had some rather happy moments this week:


Father’s Day hot pot! I have not gone out with my parents in such a long time.


Saw Bryce Harper at Chick Fil A after my exam. Then proceeded to creep on him and take pictures of him while sitting in my car.

20130624-002704.jpgRainy days are so much more fun now with my Marley Lilly jacket!


When the company I work for still sends me free things because I am a “Valued Customer”




Yup. Thinking about submitting this to That’s Not My Name on Tumblr.

Have a great weekend!

In the Bag

Remember that time I went a little crazy with all the Lilly for Estee Lauder gift with purchases? Yea, it happened again. I am actually kicking myself because I missed the first one! For summer, Lilly is back with a vengeance and collaborating with Estee Lauder once again with beach totes. 


I got two gifts–one at Macy’s and one at Belk.  It was actually a great opportunity to buy the foundations I fell in love with during the last whirlwind, but in a shade darker for my fabulous summer tan.  I am going overboard with this stuff!

Bridal Shower Snaps


My best friend is getting married! This past Sunday was her bridal shower, and all of the work that her bridesmaids and I had put into planning it was well worth it! The shower was beautiful and tons of fun. I cannot wait for the wedding! In the mean time, please enjoy some snaps of the little details we worked on: 







So pretty, and so Sarah. She loves Paris.  The couple does have a couple’s shower coming up, which I am not able to attend, but it is New Orleans themed–so them!

Make Up Monday: 6/17


For this week’s Make Up Monday, I just wanted to share my absolute favorite full-coverage foundation.  I came across the Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover Camouflage when the first Lilly gift hit the stores. I had not worn full-coverage foundation since probably my cheerleading days, and just wanted something heavy for the approaching wedding season.

It is pretty pricey for a small tube, but a little goes a long way! The great part of it, is that it is buildable, so the coverage can go to full to full-on-heavy. I have a LOT of freckles on my face (mama always warned me…)



But with a good layer of this foundation on….



My freckles are completely covered and my skin tone gets evened out.  The description also says that it can be used on the body.  I don’t have any tattoos to try this out on, but I am about 80% sure that this can cover up some tattoos.

Below is a before and after look at this amazing foundation:






Yes, these are all snaps from my iPhone camera, but my boyfriend did get a great high-quality shot of my make up at graduation with his DSLR—flawless, I tell ya!