Tour De Forks

My sister and I wanted to do something fun in Miami, but were pretty strapped for cash.  Boating and street tours sound fun, but coming from a major tourist city, we wanted to do something unique. Enter…the Food Tour!!

For a mere $53 per person and some ticketing fees, we got a mini tour of the city–who knew Miami was all historical and artsy?  Along with our tour were several stops at local favorites to try some of their famous dishes.  Our guide, Kelly, was all about avoiding tourist traps.  We can sympathize with her.

I unfortunately did not manage to get in my foodie snaps before we dug into our food–we were starving! As soon as I can steal some of my sister’s pictures, I’ll update the blog.

Our first stop was the Cafe at Books and Books, where a cafe was built on the sidewalks of an adorable book store.  I am in LOVE with this place! There were plenty of rare titles and these beautiful–and enormous–coffee table books.  I wanted all of them.  We had a tray of appetizer-like dips consisting of ceviche, black bean hummus, corn salsa, and guacamole.  It all tasted so fresh and healthy!

Our second stop was Abuelas, where we had Cuban coffee and pastelitos.  The pastelitos are cuban pastries filled with guava and cream cheese.  They were heaven.  The coffee, on the other hand, were tiny because it was incredibly potent.  Cafe Cubano was served in tiny little shot glasses and sipped slowly to enjoy the sugar that flavors the bitter espresso.

Our next stop was Boteco Copacabana, where we had chicken croquettes and cashew juice.  It was definitely yummy, and the cashew juice was so refreshing on a hot Miami day.


Our most flavorful stop was Chalan on the Beach, where we has another variation of ceviche and some steak and potatoes.  It was so relaxing to get out of the heat and enjoy an amazing fresh meal.  Definitely no corners cut on this meal.


For dessert, we trekked on along to Frieze Ice Cream factory for some Kosher ice cream.  I got myself a Salty Caramel cone–my highlight of the trip!


As I had mentioned before, Miami had this hidden art and history behind it.  From Kourtney and Kim, I thought it was party party all the time! The two aspects merge into this great rebellious art deco movement in Miami.  Much of Frieze’s Ice Cream artwork reflects the history of Miami with some ice cream themes:


My sister and I will definitely be scoping out food tours in other cities from now on–even our own! Most of these tours are meant to avoid tourist traps and go “off the beaten path”. Sometimes I feel like I could make up a good list of tours on my own!


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