Smells Like School Spirit

Those of you in college know what it is like to accumulate TONS of school T-shirts from random campus events or buying up a storm at the bookstore when you first set foot on campus (undoubtedly to fit in at football games).

I was that person. At the end of my time at Virginia Tech, I had so many orange and maroon tees.  I had white tees with orange and maroon print, black shits, grey shirts, all with orange and maroon.  I separated my laundry into orange and maroon.

Fast forward 4 years, where I had left Blacksburg behind, and I had set foot in Richmond with an exasperated groan.  My sea of orange and maroon was gone, but the obsession started again with anything with the word pharmacy, and anything to do with pills.



Cleaning out a lot of my closet this week, I realized I had another stock pile of Pharmacy school swag.  The above is just anything with VCU pharmacy or MCV on it… this little collection of grad school goodies does not include any special fundraisers or fraternity events.  That is just a whole different monster.  Also, does not fit the color motif.

For someone who complained about school, classes, and rotations constantly, I sure liked to remind myself and anyone with eyes that attended the institution.  Perhaps a battle scar? Yes. Yes, that is what I will keep telling myself.


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