Chronicles of a Catholic Girl

Since I came out of the anon closet on the day of my hooding, I just wanted to share just a piece of my life as the Catholic Girl that I so greatly mock now on twitter.  For those of you wondering, @CatholicGrlProb is, for lack of a better word, a parody account I started a couple years ago.  By parody, I mean I really started tweeting about my dysfunctional life after having been raised hard-core Catholic.

I am still a practicing Catholic today, but I just have to laugh at myself after emerging from the bubble that my parents kept me in for so long.  After college and grad school, I feel like many of the things that I used to think were normal, are actually really absurd.

The awkward high school life I had can only be described in so many words… or in this case, pictures. From my scrapbook. That I made every summer. Of each year of high school.  Now that I think of it, I was just completely neurotic.  I cannot even use Catholicism as an excuse. Yes, these are taken directly from my scrapbook, with the clingy plastic sheet still in tact.



V-neck navy sweater with my plaid skirt? Check.



Navy polo shirt for the summer uniform? Yup.



Extra school spirit for a Mascot reflecting the Crusades, where tons of Christians killed people in the name of God…yea that happened. Go Knights!



And then this happened. Happy Sweet Sixteen to me. Bubblegum pink ball gown? Bingo.

I am was so weird


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