Graduation Week: History of Dress


Graduation dresses are always my biggest splurge.  This actually sounds like a bad idea because they are always covered up by big ugly robes.  There are always pictures afterwards, so I absolutely love picking out bright and colorful dresses.  The following are graduation dresses I have worn since high school:



Back in high school I wanted to be a bit of a punky Stepford Wife.  Yes, I graduated high school wanted to earn my MRS in college. See how that turned out?  I actually wore a pink ribbon headband and hot pink pointy heels.  Good thing I had grown up since then.



For Undergrad commencement, I wore this bright green beachy number from J.Crew.  I also wore a pair of pink and green J.Crew espadrille wedges for a bit of a naughty ballerina effect, as my friends had put it. Again, I’m glad I have grown up since then.



For my department diploma ceremony, I wore this derby-inspired dress I found at a local boutique.  I am not sure I will ever have another occasion to wear it, but I had been so obsessed with going to a derby at the time, so I took it to graduation with me.



Unlike undergrad, the department hooding for Pharmacy School is much much more important to me than University Commencement.  Frankly, I do not really identify myself with the larger university.  The only correlation is that this amazing Lilly dress is in my school colors. I also have to attend the banquet afterwards, so this dress is perfect for both occasions

20130508-081102.jpgIf I had my way, I would probably wear shorts and a tshirt underneath my robes for university commencement. Otherwise, I am picking this dress I had picked up last September on sale.  I just haven’t had a chance to wear it, so here I am, wearing it to graduation!

My old self is now done with picking out fancy dresses for a while….until weddings pick up again. That one, I don’t know how I feel–perhaps recycle some of these dresses that I adore.



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