Graduation Week: Party

I never really had a graduation party for my previous graduations. Sometimes I believe I never wanted one because I knew I had another one to look forward to. Although the thoughts of an MBA or a law degree still lingers in the back of my mind, this graduation will be the last one for now.

Invitations: What else to kick off a Pharmacy Party than with a prescription to party? Obviously, it will be from the practice of Dr. Me, and I used my school’s vintage logo for the practice.  And I totally took this idea from one of my friend’s graduation announcements.


Our dinner is actually going to be at one of my favorite restaurants, so that takes a lot of work away from having to plan and figure out menus. I do however want to do a little bit of a dessert party with coffee and tea afterwards. The restaurant is about a block away from my house so it is very convenient. I am loving these ideas from pinterest right now:

Party Favor: Although I believe this is an incredible safety hazard and a terrible example to set for children, I would love to put some of my favorite candy in these prescription bottles:



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