Monogram of the Month: May

I cannot believe it is May! Graduation is around the corner and it brings us to another monogram of the month.  It is hard to find great monogrammed products outside of Marley Lilly, but they are just top-notch at all of their amazing monogrammed finds.

This month’s monogam fell into my hands with Sumpto, a social networking site of web influencers that work a lot like Klout.  They gave their top influencers one of ML’s signature Luxe clutches, and mine was perfection



I loved it so much that I got one for my pharmacy friends for graduation!  It was super cute as we all secretly got each other gifts for that trip as well.  To look even more like tourists, we all carried it when we went out on the town.  One security guard even asked if we all went shopping together.  Nope, we just love each other!



The Luxe clutch comes in a whole host of colors, from neutrals to pastels, on the website and your choice of embroidery color.  I got all of the clutches to match the one I got from Sumpto.

They are just too adorable to pass up! Luckily, Marley Lilly had them all on sale during one of their flash sales, otherwise I would have had to spend some major bucks on them.


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