Derby Weekend



Let’s just start with some honesty.  I have never been to a horse race.  Nor am I attending one this year.  I just REALLY want to go to one! Like a crazy woman buying a wedding dress before she is engaged, I have an entire derby outfit ready to go if I were to go to a horse race.

This coming weekend just happens to be the Kentucky Derby and the Virginia Gold Cup.  I get to go to work. Yay. I can’t even watch the coverage of the race like I have in previous years.  Growing up does have its downsides.



1) Lilly Pulitzer First Impressions: an old print, but my absolute favorite! You can find it on e-bay or the Re-Lilly group on Facebook

2) Monogrammed Derby Hat: Yes, I chose the colors specifically to match this dress. Now I guess all of my dresses have to look pretty similar to match my hat! Marley Lilly does do a good hat, but can be found at many monogramming boutiques online.

3) Jewelry: the bauble necklace I got from GroopDealz, which does flash sales, but can also be in their long-term boutique. Earrings are Tory Burch, and bangles are the Fornash Bit Bangle and J.Crew thin bangle (similar).

4) Shoes: Let’s get this straight: wear wedges. Your heals will sink into the grass! Granted, most taller women can pull off just wearing sandals, but I cannot. These Target wedges are perfect, as they match everyone’s straw hats and are just cute!

Have fun at the derby yall!


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