Daily Dose 5/31


I am NOT okay with the fact that tomorrow is June.  Like, did I not just celebrate May for graduation? Crap, that means boards and law exams are coming up.  Heaven help me.  Despite this rude awakening, here are my favorite highlights of the past week:



Addition to my standard stack from SassySteals



My first room service experience–not too shabby, and the best meal I had in Miami



Standard weekend with my cousins.  Standard. 



Celebrating the end of rotation for my first year students with a special delivery from Georgetown Cupcakes.  For a $10 fee, they deliver within the beltway! Oh how I love where I live! 




Have a great weekend! 



I don’t have OCD, I make OCD. Overly Catholic Decisions.  A lot of my twitter account is based off the dysfunctional childhood I had and how 12 years of Catholic School had made me into a pretty weird quasi-functioning adult.  Below are the top 10 weird things I do because I had gone to Catholic School.

1) I refuse to wear navy blue tops with khakis. Too much like my former uniform.  Once I avoided it by wearing plaid pedal pushers. Yep.

2) I have to question what day of the week it is before I plan what to eat.  Filet O Fish Friday? again….

3) I have the urge to yell at people who wear Rosaries as necklaces or to throw a tantrum in stores that market it as a necklace

4) My social calendar is secondary to my calendar of Holy Days of Obligation. I do not care what you say, Holy Thursday is absolutely an obligation.

5) I weigh the value of shaving my legs. Is anyone going to see me? Boyfriend visiting? Lady Doctor? Yeah, will not post a picture for this one.

6) I try to guess which Saint someone is named after.  Oh, there is no Saint Miley? Heathen.

7) I judge the hell out of people who get married on the beach.

8) The mantle of my fireplace of any home I have ever been in, and any of my relatives’ houses, instantly become a mini altar with holy water, crucifix and a billion rosaries from all over the world.

9) I also have to check what time it is before I eat. Fasting before mass is a pain. I basically have to double check everything before I can eat anything. I do not know how I am not skinny.

10) After years of interpreting the Bible to skirt around the rules, and also getting technical with the skirt rules, I read facts and take regulations very very seriously, as to prove others wrong.  This is probably my worst bad habit. I’m just a freaking know it all.

And that is my dysfunctional life.

Tour De Forks

My sister and I wanted to do something fun in Miami, but were pretty strapped for cash.  Boating and street tours sound fun, but coming from a major tourist city, we wanted to do something unique. Enter…the Food Tour!!

For a mere $53 per person and some ticketing fees, we got a mini tour of the city–who knew Miami was all historical and artsy?  Along with our tour were several stops at local favorites to try some of their famous dishes.  Our guide, Kelly, was all about avoiding tourist traps.  We can sympathize with her.

I unfortunately did not manage to get in my foodie snaps before we dug into our food–we were starving! As soon as I can steal some of my sister’s pictures, I’ll update the blog.

Our first stop was the Cafe at Books and Books, where a cafe was built on the sidewalks of an adorable book store.  I am in LOVE with this place! There were plenty of rare titles and these beautiful–and enormous–coffee table books.  I wanted all of them.  We had a tray of appetizer-like dips consisting of ceviche, black bean hummus, corn salsa, and guacamole.  It all tasted so fresh and healthy!

Our second stop was Abuelas, where we had Cuban coffee and pastelitos.  The pastelitos are cuban pastries filled with guava and cream cheese.  They were heaven.  The coffee, on the other hand, were tiny because it was incredibly potent.  Cafe Cubano was served in tiny little shot glasses and sipped slowly to enjoy the sugar that flavors the bitter espresso.

Our next stop was Boteco Copacabana, where we had chicken croquettes and cashew juice.  It was definitely yummy, and the cashew juice was so refreshing on a hot Miami day.


Our most flavorful stop was Chalan on the Beach, where we has another variation of ceviche and some steak and potatoes.  It was so relaxing to get out of the heat and enjoy an amazing fresh meal.  Definitely no corners cut on this meal.


For dessert, we trekked on along to Frieze Ice Cream factory for some Kosher ice cream.  I got myself a Salty Caramel cone–my highlight of the trip!


As I had mentioned before, Miami had this hidden art and history behind it.  From Kourtney and Kim, I thought it was party party all the time! The two aspects merge into this great rebellious art deco movement in Miami.  Much of Frieze’s Ice Cream artwork reflects the history of Miami with some ice cream themes:


My sister and I will definitely be scoping out food tours in other cities from now on–even our own! Most of these tours are meant to avoid tourist traps and go “off the beaten path”. Sometimes I feel like I could make up a good list of tours on my own!

Fight Like a Girl

It is with a heavy heart that I write today’s post.  Towards the end of my trip, I got word of the passing of one of my professors.  It was very sudden, but I had not known the details of it.  While passing time in the airport, I then learned that she had lost a battle with breast cancer.  I didn’t even know she had cancer.  She didn’t either.  She was diagnosed about a week earlier with advanced stage cancer.

I am angry.  I am angry because I know she is a strong person.  She puts 100% into everything she does, and had she been given the chance to fight, I knew she would have survived.  She had a week.

Having had some recent health scares, I cannot even stress the importance of regular health check ups and recognizing abnormalities of your own body.  This woman was very healthy.  She had physicals once, and even, twice a year.  She worked in a community pharmacy and demonstrated to her patients the right way to take care of themselves.  She always taught us never to tell a patient to do something we don’t do ourselves.  Life can go as quickly as it comes, so please, please, please, take care of yourselves.

Happy Memorial Day!

As an unofficial start to summer, few people remember the true meaning of Memorial Day.  We celebrate the lives lost in war and the life our brave soldiers lived afterwards.  Having come from an area of the country where patriotism thrives, Memorial Day will always mean more than backyard barbecues and weekend escapes to the beach.

Remember the Fallen

Thank the Veterans

Support the Troops

Daily Dose 5/24



Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  As I have overstatedly hinted, I am in Miami for the better part of the weekend as my sister is attending the wedding of a dental school classmate.  I am her lowly travel companion and will be studying the NAPLEX on the beach.  Other than the glorious view from Florida, here are some happy points from this past week:



Bridesmaid dress for my BFFs wedding came in! The color is amazing.



Sometimes, common sense eludes the simplest people.



My view just shortly after landing in Miami.


Amazing foods to have enjoyed on our first night! A seafood risotto is a must!



An amazing backdrop to strolling and window shopping on pedestrian-friendly streets

Have a safe and happy weekend!

Love and Drugs

Leaving for Miami on this Thirsty Thursday, I’d like to share a recipe that I will definitely be enjoying on the beaches of Miami while studying for boards.  The Pain Killer is perfectly named has so many tropic flavors that will surely take me away from the rumble and grumble of DC.

Recipe and photo from Chow.com:

  • 1/4 medium orange, cut into 2 wedges
  • 1 ounce cream of coconut
  • 2 ounces fresh pineapple juice
  • 2 ounces Pusser’s Rum
  • Crushed ice
  • Whole nutmeg, for garnish
  • Pineapple stick, for garnish

Oops, I’m Going to Miami!

I am not a spontaneous person.  I planned and booked a trip to Miami maybe..last Saturday.  My sister is going to a wedding, and is terrified of traveling alone.  She even contemplated driving 3 hours up to Philly so that she could fly with her friends. Crazy I tell you.  A great idea dawned upon her to take me along for the trip–not that I was going to the wedding or anything, but just be a travel companion, and then I can study for boards on the beach.

In a last minute packing spree, I just had to remember a core group of clothes that I needed, and multiplied.  An outfit for walking around, something nice for dinner, and obviously a beach outfit.



All Dolled Up

On Thursday, I got to spend some time with a great group of family and friends to celebrate graduation at one of my absolute favorite restaurants.  In a whirl wind of online shopping recently, I struck the gold mine of all of the items I had been coveting.


1. Lilly Pulitzer Ava dress in Bomber Blue on eBay

2. Kate Spade Cobble Hill Leslie  bag

3. Kate Spade enamel bangle watch

4. Jack Rogers Navajo in Black Patent

Just loved being able to gather all of my favorites together for a great outfit–and they all came JUST in time for the dinner! Fate!

Ace Up Your Sleeve


I got super excited about started my half-pharmacist pay last week and may have gotten super ambitious with a certain Kate Spade Surprise sale, where I got to snatch up some of the little beauties I had been coveting for years. YEARS. 20130524-175815.jpg


Cobble Hill Leslie in black–so professional now!



Bangle Watch–perfect for a stack



And a secret message inside.

The next one was not a purchase I made from the sale, but a very special gift from my girlfriends at my graduation dinner.  It is perfect and is my favorite color. I also got it the same day all of my sale purchases had arrived.



What awesome things did you score?