Presents to Myself

I’ve been told this is weird.  I’ve been told that I was just making up excuses.  I think it’s rather soothing and logical.  I buy myself presents at the end of each rotation.  It makes sense….right?? I’m going to say that it does. With 9 rotations (8 clinical, 1 off), I got myself 8 presents for the 8 rotations I busted my tush!

rotation presents

1) Inov-8 F-lite 195 ($120) New crossfit shoes! At the time, I was still very into cross fit, although not so much since I have moved home.

2) Lululemon Wunder Under leggings ($72) best. leggings. ever.

3) Libby Edelman Liv Flat [Similar] ($60). Yall know how much I love these flats. I am so sad I didn’t get more than one pair and I need these for the rest of my life.

4)Tory Burch dome earrings ($58) Perfect for any outfit

5) Carnal Flower perfume ($240) A true splurge during my Vegas trip.  It’s worth it because I wanted it so bad and there are only TWO Barneys in this country. This is what I have to tell myself every day so I don’t feel bad about it.

6) Jawbone UP ($130) A glorified pedometer and sleep monitory. Also a conversation piece.  Can’t help that it was my favorite color and matches all of my stacks

7) Diamond Candle ($25) Like a cracker jack box for adults! It is a 99% chance that your ring will be worth nothing, but IT IS SO EXCITING! Right now, it is buy 4 candles for $79 with free shipping with code MOM. Pretty good deal actually…

8) Marley Lilly Sunshine weekend bag ($95) So adorable and a perfect weekend bag.  Although I do love my Vera Bradley bag, I think that I need a smaller bag for much shorter trips.  Also these ML flash sales come at the most inopportune times!

Now to find the most amazing graduation present to myself….


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