Rotation 9 Reflection

I still cannot believe that I am done with my very last rotation! This past Friday, 21 years of education had come down to an end.  From now on, every thing I do in the name of pharmacy will be paid!  This sounds a little bitter, but after paying to work the lack of reward and the plethora of punish really gets to me.

Originally, I was supposed to be assigned to do hospital administration.  After a few hiccups, I decided to do a second community rotation at the store where I normally work.  I just found it so ironic, because when I was first choosing my rotations around this time last year, I refused to work in a normal community pharmacy because i did not want to do my job for free.

After I got off my high horse and received an offer from my company, I really thought about what would be the best for me and the best for my future store.  Off to working 6 days a week!

I really did learn a lot about myself, and got a taste of what the rest of my life would hold.  After a week or two, one of the pharmacists said to me, “Kathy, I feel like you’re here all the time…welcome to the club”.

And that is what it’s like to spend your life in pharmacy.  I did it!



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