I have a confession.  I have been taking a cardio dance class.  This is not Zumba, this is not even Jazzercise.  It is more like old ladies in an elementary school gym–and then the four of us friends.  The other day, we danced to a coreographed song to Thrift Shop.  Yes, THAT thrift shop.

I am a little obsessed with this class, despite how ridiculous it is.  Having been a Crossfit snob for a brief period in school, I used to snicker at these classes.  “Your workout is our warm up” still holds true with this class, but I still like it.  Of course, I do get to hang out with my friends and goof around while getting a workout.

Our presence in the class does skew the average age.  Ever notice the standard elderly workout outfit? Yeah…I decided to shout loud colors at them during each class.  Below is nothing special.  Your standard cardio outfit for the gym, really. I just really love looking loud and dancing crazy!


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