Sephora Goodies

Remember when I put myself on a spending freeze? Yeah that was until Sephora offered a rare 15% off purchase coupon for their Beauty Insiders.  They had actually had one of these in the fall as well, and I meant to post about my purchases then, but did not have the time.

This time around, I hadn’t realized that it was such a big deal and certain bloggers did an immense amount of research, which I referred to, before digging into my boards funds.  I had to restrain myself from getting the big-ticket items like a Clarisonic and a Chi straightener.  Let’s be honest, I already have a rotating brush that I love and my hair is straight all the time anyways.

My purchases last time and this time are pretty much treats for myself in little ways without spending the big bucks:


Fall: I had heard so much about the Josie Maran Moroccan Argan Oil, so I had to give it a try!  You also heard me rant and rave about the BeautyBlender, and let me tell you, it is still worth it! I had just found out that the BB is now available IN STORE except without the cleanser, which is kind of important.  Lastly, I had been craving the Flower Bomb fragrance for white some time, and this purse-version of this smell-good is so lovely to have around.

Spring: First, I had to help boyfriend stock up on some boyfriend things from Jack Black–he’s obsessed.  For myself, I treated myself with the Wen Hair Care System.  I know it is an As Seen On TV type thing, but something about Alyssa Milano’s shiny hair intrigued me.  I like it so far.  I definitely then spoiled myself with a Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick.  I just had to, and it makes me VERY happy.  Ok, so I re-purchased a small bottle of Argan Oil.  Because I had spilled 3/4 of the bottle on my bed from my last purchase…the end.

What makes you feel beautiful?


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