My Very First Lilly


Ok, so maybe I am taking the loss of Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau rather badly.  She really was an inspiration and a testament into doing her own thing, and that it only takes a good friend to have her business take off.

Ok, so the title is a little misleading.  The below dress is not my very first Lilly.  My very first Lilly is actually a tennis skirt that I no longer fit, and have given away.  I also had some of the embarrassing capris that I never really got to wearing, and handed them to my mom.  However, this IS my very first Lilly dress.  And Lilly was all about her dresses.



I love the simplicity of the Bowen Dress and actually have it in various prints.  Frisky Business is my first dress ever.  Yes, if you look carefully, I still have the tags on this dress.  It did fit me at the time, but the high demand of professionalism in Pharmacy School did not allow me to wear such bright and colorful prints.  With Pharmacy School, I also experienced a tremendous amount of weight gain–so yea, I definitely do not fit this dress anymore, but I am hopeful.



I think this print is just so iconic of Lilly because of the pink and green, and the tropical Florida feel of the crocodiles.  Although I love the newer prints, the older vintage prints are the true “hiding juice stain” quality that Lilly was built on.

I am wearing Lilly every day this week in her honor–so dorky I know.  But when I work in a serious pharmacy and have to wear a white coat all day, I think I can attempt to brighten up the day for all of my patients! In Thursday’s post, I will be posting all of my outfits.

The weather is perfect for all of this color, and especially perfect for happy hour!


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