Ding Ding Ding!

I did not expect to pick up my graduation dress just a few days after posting about trying to pick out the perfect outfit. Fate took ahold of my life and led me in the direction of my dream dress. The two most popular outfits from the post was the pink striped Kate Spade dress and the jeweled Lilly Pulitzer dress. Naturally, the two most expensive dresses I posted were the most popular.

Saturday is my only day off. It is absolutely depressing, but it is true. Since the Lilly for Estee Lauder gift is now available at Bloomingdales, I just wanted to pop in and grab the gift and go. My sister, on the other hand, loves to shop for dresses because she somehow managed to get such great deals on them. Let’s be honest–she wears a 00 and her size is always on sale. This past weekend was friends and family weekend and it was 20% off almost all purchases, so I thought, “hmm, I’ll check out the Kate Spade and Lilly dresses”.

So I tried on the Kate Spade dress. What a mistake that was…


Look, I’m a hippy girl.  They were made for carrying children.  I also got a whole lot of curves, and I am rather short.  This dress is for someone with the opposite body type.


Now this dress…is perfection.  It was just meant to be! For people who think that fate is crock:

1) This dress was in my size–and the size was not available online

2) It is still full price online.  Not only was this marked down $100, but it was an extra 40% off, and 20% off with friends and family discount.  The various markdowns brought the price down from $328 to $110!!

3) It is the VIRGINIA dress, and I am graduating from the Medical College of VIRGINAI!

4) This Virginia dress is also in my school’s colors! Gotta match my hood, after all!

5) It is with sadness that this dress was purchased the day before the passing of Lilly Pulitzer herself.  I am so happy to be wearing a piece of her legacy on a very special day!

As for the University Commencement, I have decided to wear a dress I already own but have yet to wear.  It is brightly colorful and airy enough to wear on a hot day.  More revelations closer to graduation!


2 thoughts on “Ding Ding Ding!

  1. Very cute! No joke, for my college graduation, my friend wore baskeball shorts and a tank under her gown. Paired it with heels and once the gown was zipped and hooded, no one could tell. Brilliant.

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