Monogram of the Month: April

OK! OK! I admit it! I am a Marley Lilly Addict! I just cant think of another place to get my monograms! With their flash sales almost every other week, I just can’t help but to get myself some goodies. ML is also the reason I put myself on a spending freeze, with just a few exceptions (Lilly Pulitzer gifts from Estee Lauder at various department stores, and graduation dresses). More about that later…

April’s monogram of the month is a little bit of an April Fool’s Joke. I got this amazing ring from a ML flash sale for–cant you believe it–$20!  Now, I order a lot of things from Marley Lilly, and if I think they know me as well as I think they do, they probably thought something was up!


The joke of it is that it actually has my boyfriend’s last name on it, instead of mine.  He once told me I had to stop getting things monogrammed because it won’t be my monogram forever.  WELL OK! I’LL SHOW HIM!

If you do not understand our relationship, you would think I would be a stage five clinger, but he actually really liked the idea of this monogram.  Little secret? If we were to get married, my new monogram would also be our married monogram!  Ok, that sounds crazy out loud.  But it’s a real thing.

The ring is beautiful, and not too obnoxious.  I have gotten a ton of compliments on it, and it fits comfortably on my finger.  I own (and have lost) a lot of rings that are uncomfortable.  This one is definitely a keeper, as is the monogram.


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