National Cherry Blossom Festival

Being a native of the DC area, I cannot hold the National Park Service to their word when it comes to scheduling the National Cherry Blossom festival.  That’s like expecting the weather man to tell you exactly what day it will snow this coming winter, in October.  Their announcement seemed pretty perfect–the weather was warming up and the trees had their little buds sprouting.

Then the snow.  The snow that came the week before Easter kind of put a damper on all things spring-like.  That nasty groundhog….

Regardless of blooms, celebration of the National Cherry Blossom Festival is pretty fantastic and historic.  While I do not get to venture out into the city every year for the festivities, I do find my own ways to celebrate this great tradition.  Sometimes, year round:

cherry blossoms

Even though the festival is glamorous, you can still enjoy the Cherry blossoms from head to toe, to nose!

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