Graduation Nation

The countdown to Graduation continues at a little over 6 weeks! It is overwhelming to think that I need to get licensed, take exams, and then start working as a real pharmacist–terrifying! What else occupies my mind? I need to pick out a dress for graduation.  Yes, my lovely readers, that is the priority for me. Sorry not sorry.

Here are my favorite picks so far:

Kate Spade dress / Lilly Pulitzer dress / Reiss shift dress / Lilly Pulitzer dress / Banana Republic cowl neck dress / Banana Republic dress / V neck dress / Belted lace dress

I have two ceremonies–the hooding and the university’s commencement.  I consider the hooding to be the more important ceremony, as that is when my doctorate is awarded and each member of my class is recognized.

I would really love your input, and would REALLY love some suggestions of your favorite dress worthy of a doctor!


8 thoughts on “Graduation Nation

  1. The pink and blue Lily Pulitzer with beachy waves and sandal wedges is beautiful, and I have a very similar Oasis v neck dress in purple – it is amazing, would definitely recommend it.
    Whatever you choose, hope you have a lovely time, congratulations!

  2. I can see why you have a hard decision. Without knowing you it’s hard to help but I say go with color. Make your special day even brighter. I’m leaning more towards the pink/white and the green. Worthy of a doctor I might say the green or the blue. More sophistication with color. Black and gray are a bit drab and no life.

  3. The pink and white striped one is very fun, but I don’t know about for graduation. I am in love love LOVE with that last greenish one though!!!

  4. I love the pink and blue Lily, of course! Also love the green. Lily is more fun, green is more sophisticated. Maybe you should get both–one for each ceremony!

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