Joke’s on You!

Happy April Fool’s yall! It’s time to pull out all our fake engagement rings and wear them to school and work and have everyone fawn over you! But they didn’t even know you were seeing anyone! #ForeverAlone

Besides the obvious, I feel like I have been played a joke my entire shopping career!  Trends come and go, so why should I spend the big bucks buying something that I won’t be wearing in 5 years?  Some of the small accessories I like to buy are just small treats when I cannot commit to a cool new outfit for the season.  But WHY do I have to spend over $30 to be sorta “with it”?

Enter GroopDealz, where I am in accessories heaven (and sometimes chevron-laden clothing).  I have found some of the BEST jewelry deals at GroopDealz, and I spent less than $10 on each item!

Kate Spade Scallop Ring $38/ Brooks Brothers Kiel James Patrick Lanyard Hitch Cord Bracelet $40/ Statement Necklace Bead jewelry $33/


I opted for this $2.99 scalloped ring, going with silver to stick to my roots


A $6.99 nautical rope bracelet that matched everything in my stack


One of my favorite Reckless Necklaces, for $3.99.  It was such a great deal I got a set for each of the bridesmaids in my best friend’s bridal party.

What is NOT a joke today, is that I will be giving a very LUCKY winner a copycat of the KJP bracelet in black (like the one I am wearing).  Please visit my Facebook Page for the RaffleCopter app to enter!

This post was not, in any way, sponsored or gifted from GroopDealz.  Giveaway prize was bought with my own money. 


2 thoughts on “Joke’s on You!

  1. Checking out GroopDealz immediately. I’m always on the hunt for cute, cheap accessories. Right now I’ve fallen into the dangerous habit of picking up $7.99 earrings every time I step into Target, but it’s an easy/affordable way to spice up my very Gap-esque wardrobe.

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