Presents to Myself

I’ve been told this is weird.  I’ve been told that I was just making up excuses.  I think it’s rather soothing and logical.  I buy myself presents at the end of each rotation.  It makes sense….right?? I’m going to say that it does. With 9 rotations (8 clinical, 1 off), I got myself 8 presents for the 8 rotations I busted my tush!

rotation presents

1) Inov-8 F-lite 195 ($120) New crossfit shoes! At the time, I was still very into cross fit, although not so much since I have moved home.

2) Lululemon Wunder Under leggings ($72) best. leggings. ever.

3) Libby Edelman Liv Flat [Similar] ($60). Yall know how much I love these flats. I am so sad I didn’t get more than one pair and I need these for the rest of my life.

4)Tory Burch dome earrings ($58) Perfect for any outfit

5) Carnal Flower perfume ($240) A true splurge during my Vegas trip.  It’s worth it because I wanted it so bad and there are only TWO Barneys in this country. This is what I have to tell myself every day so I don’t feel bad about it.

6) Jawbone UP ($130) A glorified pedometer and sleep monitory. Also a conversation piece.  Can’t help that it was my favorite color and matches all of my stacks

7) Diamond Candle ($25) Like a cracker jack box for adults! It is a 99% chance that your ring will be worth nothing, but IT IS SO EXCITING! Right now, it is buy 4 candles for $79 with free shipping with code MOM. Pretty good deal actually…

8) Marley Lilly Sunshine weekend bag ($95) So adorable and a perfect weekend bag.  Although I do love my Vera Bradley bag, I think that I need a smaller bag for much shorter trips.  Also these ML flash sales come at the most inopportune times!

Now to find the most amazing graduation present to myself….


Rotation 9 Reflection

I still cannot believe that I am done with my very last rotation! This past Friday, 21 years of education had come down to an end.  From now on, every thing I do in the name of pharmacy will be paid!  This sounds a little bitter, but after paying to work the lack of reward and the plethora of punish really gets to me.

Originally, I was supposed to be assigned to do hospital administration.  After a few hiccups, I decided to do a second community rotation at the store where I normally work.  I just found it so ironic, because when I was first choosing my rotations around this time last year, I refused to work in a normal community pharmacy because i did not want to do my job for free.

After I got off my high horse and received an offer from my company, I really thought about what would be the best for me and the best for my future store.  Off to working 6 days a week!

I really did learn a lot about myself, and got a taste of what the rest of my life would hold.  After a week or two, one of the pharmacists said to me, “Kathy, I feel like you’re here all the time…welcome to the club”.

And that is what it’s like to spend your life in pharmacy.  I did it!


Daily Dose 4/26

I AM DONE! I am done with rotations! All work I do related to pharmacy will now be paid! It feels so great to be finished with school, even though the real work is just beginning.

Here is how I ushered in my last week of my education:



An adorable dressing room from a Lilly Pulitzer store



Even more adorable matching DC Vineyard Vines love


Delicious French macarons for the sake of bridal shower research



A special bonus “gift with gift with purchase from BonTon. Super samples for sure



Getting back into my workout, even if it is Cardio Dance

Have a great weekend!

The Perfect Date

I have three favorite dates out of the year that are not holidays.  Not official ones, anyway.  My most favorite date is my birthday, November 20th, obviously.  Why wouldn’t I love it.

My second favorite date is October 3rd, because thats when Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron what day it was.

My third favorite date is the perfect date, April 25th.

Have a perfect day!


I have a confession.  I have been taking a cardio dance class.  This is not Zumba, this is not even Jazzercise.  It is more like old ladies in an elementary school gym–and then the four of us friends.  The other day, we danced to a coreographed song to Thrift Shop.  Yes, THAT thrift shop.

I am a little obsessed with this class, despite how ridiculous it is.  Having been a Crossfit snob for a brief period in school, I used to snicker at these classes.  “Your workout is our warm up” still holds true with this class, but I still like it.  Of course, I do get to hang out with my friends and goof around while getting a workout.

Our presence in the class does skew the average age.  Ever notice the standard elderly workout outfit? Yeah…I decided to shout loud colors at them during each class.  Below is nothing special.  Your standard cardio outfit for the gym, really. I just really love looking loud and dancing crazy!


Iced Coffee Season!

Well at first, it was Iced Coffee Season.  It has been unseasonably warm, except for this week.  This week has been cold and nasty.  However that does not take away the joys of iced coffee for me.

Instead of spending $5-6 on coffee, I have been getting used to making my coffee at home.  Iced concoctions included. Thanks to grad school, I am used to cuddling with my basic coffee maker–not a Keurig or specialty maker, just a normal coffee maker with an on/off function. Add in some yummy coffee creamer and ice cubes, and I have a perfectly enjoyable iced coffee in the morning!





Of course I prefer my Pharmacy School mug over the standard Tervis! 17 More days!

Sephora Goodies

Remember when I put myself on a spending freeze? Yeah that was until Sephora offered a rare 15% off purchase coupon for their Beauty Insiders.  They had actually had one of these in the fall as well, and I meant to post about my purchases then, but did not have the time.

This time around, I hadn’t realized that it was such a big deal and certain bloggers did an immense amount of research, which I referred to, before digging into my boards funds.  I had to restrain myself from getting the big-ticket items like a Clarisonic and a Chi straightener.  Let’s be honest, I already have a rotating brush that I love and my hair is straight all the time anyways.

My purchases last time and this time are pretty much treats for myself in little ways without spending the big bucks:


Fall: I had heard so much about the Josie Maran Moroccan Argan Oil, so I had to give it a try!  You also heard me rant and rave about the BeautyBlender, and let me tell you, it is still worth it! I had just found out that the BB is now available IN STORE except without the cleanser, which is kind of important.  Lastly, I had been craving the Flower Bomb fragrance for white some time, and this purse-version of this smell-good is so lovely to have around.

Spring: First, I had to help boyfriend stock up on some boyfriend things from Jack Black–he’s obsessed.  For myself, I treated myself with the Wen Hair Care System.  I know it is an As Seen On TV type thing, but something about Alyssa Milano’s shiny hair intrigued me.  I like it so far.  I definitely then spoiled myself with a Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick.  I just had to, and it makes me VERY happy.  Ok, so I re-purchased a small bottle of Argan Oil.  Because I had spilled 3/4 of the bottle on my bed from my last purchase…the end.

What makes you feel beautiful?

Daily Dose 4/20

I hate the idea of today’s date. Oh well.  It has been quite a fun week, with several birthdays to celebrate and finally accepting that the end is near. Highlights from the week:



Mimosas for brunch. Monster Mimosas



Breaking out my Hokie Vineyard Vines tote, the more superior tote!



Accidentally walking into a Ferrari Convention



Enjoying some tapas for B’s birthday, this one being grown up mozzarella sticks



Want. Want. WANT. I need these phone cases!

Hope your weekend is wonderful!

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend



So I have this thing about buying myself presents at the end of each rotation.  My sister thinks it is stupid, but hell, these rotations are hard!  For the end of rotation 8, I got myself a Diamond Candle! It is not near as lavish as my other self-presents, but I had been jonesing for one for a while.

If you don’t know what a Diamond Candle is, it is a cracker jack box for grown ups.  Inside each candle is a ring worth $5,10,100,1000, or 5000.  You can guess what ring I got… They are about $25, which is the price of a Yankee Candle anyways, so it’s not terrible, plus a ring!



I got myself the Orange Vanilla candle since I am absolutely obsessed with orange creamsicles and need a little bit of summer flavor in my life.



A foil on the side tells me exactly where my ring is.  What a tease! It looks so far down, and that means it have to be burning for a while in order for me to get my prize.



So I burned it..and waited.  As for the smell, I was not impressed.  At first it smelled like burning, which makes sense as it is a candle.  Otherwise the smell was not too strong, which was good because it kinda smelled like a fart.  Lame.



In other news, I went to the gym and left it burning.  I did leave it in the bathroom, where water was accessible in case anything happened and told my sister to be on the lookout.  Safety first.  By the time I got home, my little foil piece floated to the top and I got my ring! It definitely is not worth anything special, but I think it’s really pretty!  The downside of DC is that you get what you get and you dont get upset.  This ring obviously doesn’t fit me, but it fits my sister!

There are also several “trade” groups on facebook where people can buy or swap unwanted rings.  People have gotten some real beauties!

Weekend warrior

I apologize for the super late work schedule got all crazy this week and I’m starting at different hours each day.  If you know me, you know that I like routines, so this is so not my jam right now.

On Saturday, I wanted to share my OOTD.  It was definitely the kind of weekend where I just wanted to feel comfortable and look casual.  At the same time, I had to look presentable for a meeting with some bridesmaids and my best friend’s mother.  I went back to my true high school basics of jeans and a polo shirt, warmed with with a zip hoodie.  Gangsta prep is usually what I always went for back in the day.  To kick off my week of Hokie Love, I carried all of my research materials in my Vineyard Vines Virginia Tech bag.  Yes inside were my Lilly planner, laptop, AND boards review book.  After feeling a little slouchy, I had to dress up this grunginess with some Jacks.  One of the newer pairs that I own, it definitely brightened up an otherwise dark outfit.