Rotation 8 Reflection

I can’t believe another 5 weeks flew by! Today is the beginning of my LAST ROTATION.  5 more weeks stand between me and my doctorate. Un. Real.

I really enjoyed my community rotation because it was at Kaiser, where the pharmacy IS the insurance company and we work very closely with the doctors to optimize health care for the patients.  It was much less stressful than working at my normal store because the patients were just so much nicer!

Here are some snapshots of my 5 weeks:


The namesake of my blog! A pharmacist who worked there told me I was “practicing a long tradition in pharmacy when I was working on this particular compound.  Note: most of these powders smell terrible.


For this ointment, I had to squeeze the material from inside a pill into the middle.  This is also used for hemorrhoids.


It became a running joke that I had to make Tamiflu suspension at the end of each day.  It’s the end of March, yall! No one should still be getting the flu!


I am still very amused by the cool colors and shapes that drugs come in.  Love it!


Another medication that requires me opening some pills.  These came in pellets that I had to grind up.


Teaching one of the pharmacists some new words.  Can’t wait to be working full time and not being able to keep up with trends and slang words.




My pocket full of hard candies.

My next rotation will also be at a community pharmacy.  Since I will be working as a community pharmacist (in under 2 months!!!!), I figured it would be wise for me to have more experience in the community, where the patients may not be as nice as before.


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