I am absolutely obsessed with Kate Middleton, as well as the bump who will be Queen.  In the mean time, I always read blogs about her fashions (What Kate Wore) and how to replicate her looks (Repli-Kate).  I have been on the hunt for her amazing LK Bennet Sledge pumps in nude.

Imagine my excitement when I saw a pair for $70 at Nordstrom Rack! Miraculously, they were in my size and were at SUCH a great deal.  It was meant to be.  I was about to fork over my credit card with no guilt at all.

20130313-003842.jpgAnd then my heart sank. I flipped the shoe over and in teensy tiny print underneath the price read the words, “Resoled and refinished”.  I almost bought refurbished shoes! I immediately ran through some pros and cons in my head.

Pros: They were used, but someone had professionally repaired them.  If I had found them in a consignment store, they would be much more expensive and possibly in worse condition.

Cons: They are repaired but what if that alters the fit and comfort?  The store also tried to pass it off as a new pair, so what else could they be hiding with these shoes?

I ended up not getting the shoes because the more I tried it on, the more I realized that I was jamming my foot uncomfortably in there. It was a great deal, but not for a pair of shoes that barely fit.




3 thoughts on “U-S-E-D

  1. Wow, really?! You were so excite over the shoes but as soon as you found out that they weren’t brand new (even though thy had been fixed to be as good as if they were), they suddenly didn’t fit right and weren’t quite good enough for your expensive name brand tastes. You could have such bigger problems. This sickens me and makes me want to tell my friends to stay FAR away from your shallow, petty blog. I am very disappointed.

  2. How on earth is this shallow and petty? If you are going to pay a lot of money for a pair of shoes, you want to make sure they fit well. Also, they clearly weren’t fixed to be as good as new as evidenced by the extremely low price. The store knew that they wouldn’t be able to sell them for a higher price because of the awkward fit. Finally, just because there are bigger problems out there doesn’t mean this is irrelevant. All she is doing is pointing out an issue so that other girls can maybe avoid a mistake in the future.

  3. Sorry, I guess the above is what I get for leaving myself logged in on a shared computer overnight. Either I was in a very unpleasant (and apparently forgetful) mood or someone posted under my name. Apologies all around! 😦

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