Habrio Heaven


Habrio gummy bears are hands-down the best gummy candy out there.  They are the ones that you have to get at the movie theater in the gold bags.  They are hard, and not as squishy as imitators, but have tons more flavor.

Growing up beyond the bears, my sister and I moved towards the gummy colas and fizzy colas.  The consistency of the gummy remains, but it’s a little bit more variety than the our average bears.  We found a gold mine of all things Habrio.



For as long as we could remember, there was a little German gourmet shop by our house. It took us 25 years to step inside.  Inside, we found rows and and rows of Habrio gummies.  Every. Flavor. Imaginable.  There were also shelves full of German chocolate candies, but the gummies were calling my name.  This spot will definitely be the go-to place before any movie nights in this house.  I would also love to put together a German-themed gift basket full of these little gems.



They even had gummy cough drops! These were such a treat especially when I had my month-long illness of sniffles and coughs.  Have you had any big discoveries of hidden gems in your neighborhood?


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