Morning Routine

I like routines.  I am known for them.  I rarely like to mix things up.  I even mark my ink pens with a sticker so I know which one I have been using so I can use all of the ink up and then start on a new pen.  People call it OCD…I call it efficient.

Lately, I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos about how to apply makeup and “hauls”.  One thing I could not get off my mind is how these beauty gurus can own SO MUCH make up.  On a side note, I also mark when my items are going to expire.  I barely make a dent into these products by the time they expire, so I hate the thought of owning so much and not using them to their potential.

That being said, I have fallen into a certain routine for using my make up:
make up routine

Tools: Beauty Blender and Shiseido eyelash curler available at Sephora.  Make up brushes from Eyes Lips Face

Make up: L’Oreal Studio secrets primer, Revlon Age defying foundation, Almay exact eyes eyeshadow available at drug stores.  Benefit Boi-ing industrial concealer, Buxom gel eyeliner and Diorshow Iconic mascara from Sephora.  Cream blush, bronzer, and eyelid primer from Eyes Lips Face.

1) With a clean face that is patted dry, I apply a primer with my fingertips

2) Using a beauty blender, I apply my foundation (gives an amazing even coverage)

3) While I have my beauty blender out, I apply my cream blush.  The BB is the only way that I have found that works well with the cream blush.  I do have a stipple brush, but i have not tried it out yet. The blush is matte and the BB gives a clean, natural look.

4) With a concealer brush, I pat on a little bit of concealer.  Benefit was not joking with the term, “industrial concealer”.  To blend it all out I roll the BB on its side over the concealer spot.

5) I apply the eyelid primer from my lash line to my brow bone, and with my eye closed, along the line where my lid closes and a little bit under the eye. Using my wide eye shadow brush, I pat on the eyelid color of the Almay pack.  With the contour brush, I apply the crease color and make a small “V” and drag the color shortly under my outer corner.  With the angled blending brush, I blend it all together with the brow bone color to soften it all up.

6) With my eyeliner brush, I tap into the gel eyeliner and line the top lash line.  Then I start halfway on my bottom lid and go out, and continue the line up past my eye.  Then connect it to my top line and fill in to make a “cat eye”.

7) Warming up my eyelash curler with about 5 seconds of blowing a hair dryer on it, I curl my lashes and follow with Diorshow Iconic mascara.

8) To finish off, I use my powder brush to dust on bronzer on my temples and hollows of my cheeks.

Wish I could show off my work, but you know how I am about pic clips before graduation.


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