Dirty Business

When my sister gets home from work every night, she has a routine of taking out her phone and disinfecting it with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol.  I used to make fun of her for being so OCD, but she claims she doesn’t want to get “dentistry” all over her phone.  It was pure paranoia in my mind.

Then one day I was bored and was like yeah I guess I should clean my phone.  It probably wont be that dirty, I mean I work in a pharmacy.  My phone stays in my pocket and I don’t have near as many germs floating around me.  WRONG



I don’t even know what this is.  I have no idea where all of this gunk comes from.  I obviously was not able to take a picture of my actual phone with my phone.  But if this is the inside of the case, just imagine what is on my actual phone!



This is the cotton ball after cleaning the back of my phone.  <Insert gag reflexes> I am actually incredibly disgusted with myself.  Moral of the story: clean your phone daily, or at least weekly.  It may save your face from some terrible acne as well!

You can use alcohol wipes, but I find those to be a little expensive.  Cotton balls and rubbing alcohol would probably cost you about $2 and for as many uses as there are cotton balls in your bag.

Well that was appetizing….here is this week’s meatless recipe for Friday:

shrimp and grits

1 lb peeled, deveined shrimp

2 medium sized celery roots (cauliflower works great too)

½ chicken, beef, or veggie stock

6 slices bacon

2 cloves garlic

1 onion (optional)

½ cup fresh tomato

1 tbsp chili garlic sauce (any other hot sauce will do)

Salt and pepper


Cut ends off celery roots and slice the skin off.  Cut into cubes.  Toss the roots into a pot of salted water and boil until softened, about 10 minutes.  place cooked cubes, stock,  and 2 tbsp of bacon fat from the sauté pan in blender or food processor.  Blend until smooth.  Add salt and pepper if you want.  Cook bacon in sauté pan.  Remove the bacon and crumble.  Set aside.  Add the onion and garlic to the pan.  Sauté until softened about 6 minutes.  Add the shrimp, tomato, thyme, crumbled bacon and hot sauce.  Cook until the shrimp have turned pink.  Place the grits in a bowl, add shrimp, crumbled bacon and a few spoonfuls of the tomato gravy on top.


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