Daily Dose 3/1

Another week down, another week closer to graduation! My community practice rotation is pretty fun, and I’m learning a lot more than what I would be learning at my regular pharmacy where I work.  While the sequestration is looming, literally, today, and my besties are fearing for their jobs, I’m just going to enjoy what I had this week.


Working with my blog’s namesake, and practicing “a valued tradition of pharmacy”.  When in actuality, I just mash up a bunch of stuff and add water to it.


Shamrock shake is back! Delicious going in…not so pleasant coming out


I finally had a good hair day for the first time in a long time.  Now I totally remember why I would spend every morning curling my hair in undergrad


Had an amazing surprise party for one of my best friend’s birthday.  Classy cake with even classier candles.


My week started off with an incredible amount of math.  It was repetitive and I now know the exact cost, per unit, of all Hepatitis C medications. Nerd Alert.

Have a great weekend!


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