This post is 100% un-sponsored, but I just had to share a new find.  So Le Pain Quotidien is a chain that I like to describe as an up-scale Panera.  It is adorable and apparently only existed in cities.  As close as I am to DC and on the outskirts of Arlington, I try to avoid those areas merely due to traffic.  Suddenly PQ’s started cropping up in the suburbs and my sister and I started going several times a week.


We just loved its homey and rustic decor, such as this large gathering table.  Everything just feels like you are tucked away in the French countryside.


My absolute favorite party about PQ is the jam rack that you get to taste with your various pieces of bread that comes to your meal.  Some of our favorites are the hazelnut spread and the apricot jam.


The drinks are pricy but a nice indulgence.  My cafe au lait is at the bottom, and my sister’s apple cider is above in the red cup.


There is a small breakfast menu, where I got this Belgian waffle with mixed berries above.  I was expecting a whole waffle, but the texture made up for it.  It was crisp and buttery and adding some of the jam made it delightful.


My sister got a ham and gruyere croissant (read=fancy ham and cheese) with this delectable mustard.  I love cheese. The melty-ness on this was phenomenal.


I had to take this shot of the salt and pepper grinders…not your grandma’s shakers! Although I’m terrified to use them because I’m afraid of breaking them, and also having too much fall on my food after breaking.


On another trip, my cousin and I got their open-face sandwiches.  Again, with the grown-up ham and cheese.  I found these to be quite dry…so I am really not a fan.

This is the first time I’ve gushed over a chain in a long time (following the traditions of Chick Fil A and Sonic) and I can say that it’s quaint for a nice lunch or early dinner with friends.  I’ve had the misfortune of some really awful service at one of their locations, so I at least know which one to avoid.  My next step is acquiring a collection of their jams and spreads….yum! Cue the diabetes…


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