Minty Fresh

One day, this outfit happened:



It doesn’t look bad, right? It’s actually one of my favorite sweaters, and have served me well over the years.  It is also my favorite color, before “Tiffany Blue” became everyone’s favorite color (insert hipster comment). Somewhere along the way, lighter tones of this color emerged, into what is known as “Mint”.



Still my favorite color.  So much that I was at rotation and working on my laptop with my Jawbone UP on my wrist and looking something up in my little notebook.  One of my professors walked in and asked me if I were trying to camouflage myself or something.  Everything around me is mint green.  I don’t mind it so much because it’s a beautiful color and it makes the gray days (and indoor days) just that much better.

In the days after that conversation, I often found myself wearing other items of clothing that were mint…and once again got called out on being a monochrome mess.


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