Valentine’s Picks

I can’t believe that February is flying by so quickly! That being said, I definitely did not have Valentine’s Day on the radar, so this post should have  been made a few days ago!  I love having inside jokes with my boyfriend, so our Valentine’s presents usually reflect that:


1. FitBit.  I actually had offered to get him the much more chic Jawbone, but he opted for the traditional-looking monitor.  Sometimes I think I’m the dude in our relationship.

2. Season DVDs.  BF is a Blu-Ray snob, and we LOVE Big Bang Theory

3. A Yummy Perfume.  Can’t decide if this is a present for me or for him.

4. Amazing iPhone camera attachments for the budding faux-tographer

5. Southern Tide tees.  Dudes LOVE their tees and frockets

6. BF is also an Oakley snob.  I don’t even know



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