In the process of cleaning out my childhood bedroom, I keep finding the atrocities that I thought were fashionable.  Throwing back to 2001-2005, here are some things I managed to pull off (or convinced myself that I pulled off) in high school:


1.This Pinky Sparkly Estee Lauder lip gloss.  Great for high school me, not so much for professional me

2. Chunky Clogs. I can’t even.

3. Puffy White Jacket. Way puffier than the jackets of today.  Think the rap star with Timberlands and the puffy Nautica jacket.  The last time I wore this was when I wore it with yellow leggings and dressed as a chicken for Halloween

4. Smocked Babydoll dress.  These are now being sold as swim cover ups.  I just wear them all willy nilly to the mall. How embarrassing.

5. Adidas stripe pants.  I actually had pink pants with hot pink stripes.  At least they werent the swish pants–or breakaways!

6. Corn rows.  WOW. I tried out for cheerleading with corn rows.  I don’t even know how I made the team looking so ridiculous.


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