That’s So Raven!

Ravens have won the SuperBowl! As a DC girl, longing for Baltimore, I could not be more excited.  The last time the Ravens won the SuperBowl, I was in the 8th Grade.  I distinctly remember that Hilary Clinton had just become Senator of New York (They played the Giants that year) and had to read “The Raven” on the steps of the New York State Capitol. I wonder what deal they cut with California this year?

My preceptor is a Pittsburgh native.  A Steelers fan.  A Ravens Hater.  He was irate.  How could I possibly celebrate the triumph of the Ravens Nation without pissing him off? Dressing the part, of course!


A purple top and black pants were an obvious must-have.  My gold accents fit perfectly with our Baltimore hearts.  Of course, I do not own a black Jawbone Up, so I wore my mint green one, but I think black goes better with this outfit anyways.

Go Ravens!


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