Monogram of the Month: February



This month’s monogram is going to be a bit of a throwback.  Below is the first monogrammed bag I ever owned.  It was my sophomore year of college and the height of pink-and-green preppiness.



Why yes, that is a ribbon belt looped through the top of my bag! The company I ordered this from is no longer in business, but I know the bag is from ToeGoz.  I carried this thing everywhere.  I was so proud that I finally owned something with my monogram on it.  Looking back, it just screams “LOOK AT MY PINK AND GREEN BAG!” I still love it though and am always looking for an excuse to carry it.

Since I now carry bags of a higher “caliber” it’s hard to find a day to carry it that isn’t already expected to be a sloppy mess.  Fingers crossed that I have a fun girly beach trip soon!


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