All Business

When I had gone to my Vegas Pharmacy Convention back in December, I was intending to talk to a lot of future employers and potential residency programs.  Many of them expected to receive Curriculum Vitae, so I put together a neat little business portfolio!

This picture below is very blurry…purposely because I just wanted to keep my address and employment information private.  Thanks, Instagram!





I bought a regular old folder that has a little pocket for my business card.  I ordered my business cards from Vista Print, where I could be a little more liberal with my illustrations and be a bit more affordable on a grad student budget.

In either pocket, I would include my resume, as seen above, as well as a personal statement.  At that point in time, I had not prepared a personal statement.  It really should be a short blurb about who you are and how your past has shaped your desire to be with X company/program.

I like putting everything in a folder because I’m terrified that my Curriculum Vitae would become unstapled and there would be a mess everywhere with my information on it.  The folder keeps it all nice and neat together!


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