Daily Dose 3/1

Another week down, another week closer to graduation! My community practice rotation is pretty fun, and I’m learning a lot more than what I would be learning at my regular pharmacy where I work.  While the sequestration is looming, literally, today, and my besties are fearing for their jobs, I’m just going to enjoy what I had this week.


Working with my blog’s namesake, and practicing “a valued tradition of pharmacy”.  When in actuality, I just mash up a bunch of stuff and add water to it.


Shamrock shake is back! Delicious going in…not so pleasant coming out


I finally had a good hair day for the first time in a long time.  Now I totally remember why I would spend every morning curling my hair in undergrad


Had an amazing surprise party for one of my best friend’s birthday.  Classy cake with even classier candles.


My week started off with an incredible amount of math.  It was repetitive and I now know the exact cost, per unit, of all Hepatitis C medications. Nerd Alert.

Have a great weekend!


Dirty Business

When my sister gets home from work every night, she has a routine of taking out her phone and disinfecting it with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol.  I used to make fun of her for being so OCD, but she claims she doesn’t want to get “dentistry” all over her phone.  It was pure paranoia in my mind.

Then one day I was bored and was like yeah I guess I should clean my phone.  It probably wont be that dirty, I mean I work in a pharmacy.  My phone stays in my pocket and I don’t have near as many germs floating around me.  WRONG



I don’t even know what this is.  I have no idea where all of this gunk comes from.  I obviously was not able to take a picture of my actual phone with my phone.  But if this is the inside of the case, just imagine what is on my actual phone!



This is the cotton ball after cleaning the back of my phone.  <Insert gag reflexes> I am actually incredibly disgusted with myself.  Moral of the story: clean your phone daily, or at least weekly.  It may save your face from some terrible acne as well!

You can use alcohol wipes, but I find those to be a little expensive.  Cotton balls and rubbing alcohol would probably cost you about $2 and for as many uses as there are cotton balls in your bag.

Well that was appetizing….here is this week’s meatless recipe for Friday:

shrimp and grits

1 lb peeled, deveined shrimp

2 medium sized celery roots (cauliflower works great too)

½ chicken, beef, or veggie stock

6 slices bacon

2 cloves garlic

1 onion (optional)

½ cup fresh tomato

1 tbsp chili garlic sauce (any other hot sauce will do)

Salt and pepper


Cut ends off celery roots and slice the skin off.  Cut into cubes.  Toss the roots into a pot of salted water and boil until softened, about 10 minutes.  place cooked cubes, stock,  and 2 tbsp of bacon fat from the sauté pan in blender or food processor.  Blend until smooth.  Add salt and pepper if you want.  Cook bacon in sauté pan.  Remove the bacon and crumble.  Set aside.  Add the onion and garlic to the pan.  Sauté until softened about 6 minutes.  Add the shrimp, tomato, thyme, crumbled bacon and hot sauce.  Cook until the shrimp have turned pink.  Place the grits in a bowl, add shrimp, crumbled bacon and a few spoonfuls of the tomato gravy on top.

Foundation Skills


I go through really weird phases with my cosmetics.  When I was a freshman in high school and on extremely tight purse strings (whatever money I was able to save from birthdays and unused lunch money), I would use drug store make-up and hide it from my mom.  Eventually, I started using whatever products my mom got with her gift with purchase, which in turn convinced her to buy me some really high-end cosmetics.  Somewhere along the way in college, Sephora stores were popping up everywhere and I became obsessed with the multitude of brands that were available.

So that was the beginning of my make-up journey.  Return to my sister’s couponing obsession and I end up just getting a whole lot of foundation that was free, or at a very very low price.  They have served me really well over the past year or two.  My whole cosmetics routine took another turn when Lilly Pulitzer started doing a special GWP with Estee Lauder, so now I return to my love of high-end foundations.  I am insane.  That is how I ended up with the current rotation of products below:



1) Revlon:  Apparently not the best foundation they make, but the coverage is pretty good. I would not recommend this particular type for oily skin.  I feel a little greasy at the end of the day.

2) Stila: I actually have A LOT of foundation from Stila…this is just the one that is open right now.  Every Black Friday and Cyber Monday, their website has an enormous sale, where I end up with several $4 foundations.

3) The Balm:  This was not a brand I had heard of until I saw it on HauteLook and saw several youtube reviews of it. For being called The Balm, I thought it would be a thick, concealer-like consistency, but it is very fluid and moisturizing.

4) Estee Lauder: Maximum Cover is part of their Double Wear line and is the first full coverage foundation I have worn since my high school cheerleading competition days (I know right…) and is surprisingly very pleasant.  Not that I am ashamed of my freckles, but sometimes I just want a really flawless look (especially for all these weddings).  It does require a heavy-duty make-up cleanser to take off.  Like, a cream you rub on your face to break down the foundation, and THEN wash your face.  It’s that good.

5) I really wanted to try a BB cream, and my first instinct was just to grab a drug store version, as I heard they are mere tinted moisturizers (my opinion is still up in the air).  Since Estee Lauder was offering their GWP at MULTIPLE department stores, I decided to try out this one…also because this was perfectly at the minimum purchase price.

In case you are wondering, I WILL be posting my LP for EL bags when all is said and done.   I sadly missed out on the Estee Lauder website offer, and may possibly miss out on Belk since there is no location near me.  Next up? Macy’s!

Minty Fresh

One day, this outfit happened:



It doesn’t look bad, right? It’s actually one of my favorite sweaters, and have served me well over the years.  It is also my favorite color, before “Tiffany Blue” became everyone’s favorite color (insert hipster comment). Somewhere along the way, lighter tones of this color emerged, into what is known as “Mint”.



Still my favorite color.  So much that I was at rotation and working on my laptop with my Jawbone UP on my wrist and looking something up in my little notebook.  One of my professors walked in and asked me if I were trying to camouflage myself or something.  Everything around me is mint green.  I don’t mind it so much because it’s a beautiful color and it makes the gray days (and indoor days) just that much better.

In the days after that conversation, I often found myself wearing other items of clothing that were mint…and once again got called out on being a monochrome mess.


This post is 100% un-sponsored, but I just had to share a new find.  So Le Pain Quotidien is a chain that I like to describe as an up-scale Panera.  It is adorable and apparently only existed in cities.  As close as I am to DC and on the outskirts of Arlington, I try to avoid those areas merely due to traffic.  Suddenly PQ’s started cropping up in the suburbs and my sister and I started going several times a week.


We just loved its homey and rustic decor, such as this large gathering table.  Everything just feels like you are tucked away in the French countryside.


My absolute favorite party about PQ is the jam rack that you get to taste with your various pieces of bread that comes to your meal.  Some of our favorites are the hazelnut spread and the apricot jam.


The drinks are pricy but a nice indulgence.  My cafe au lait is at the bottom, and my sister’s apple cider is above in the red cup.


There is a small breakfast menu, where I got this Belgian waffle with mixed berries above.  I was expecting a whole waffle, but the texture made up for it.  It was crisp and buttery and adding some of the jam made it delightful.


My sister got a ham and gruyere croissant (read=fancy ham and cheese) with this delectable mustard.  I love cheese. The melty-ness on this was phenomenal.


I had to take this shot of the salt and pepper grinders…not your grandma’s shakers! Although I’m terrified to use them because I’m afraid of breaking them, and also having too much fall on my food after breaking.


On another trip, my cousin and I got their open-face sandwiches.  Again, with the grown-up ham and cheese.  I found these to be quite dry…so I am really not a fan.

This is the first time I’ve gushed over a chain in a long time (following the traditions of Chick Fil A and Sonic) and I can say that it’s quaint for a nice lunch or early dinner with friends.  I’ve had the misfortune of some really awful service at one of their locations, so I at least know which one to avoid.  My next step is acquiring a collection of their jams and spreads….yum! Cue the diabetes…

Daily Dose 2/22

Week 1 of rotation 8 down! Granted it was a short week because of President’s Day, and I am EVER so grateful that my site closes for federal days.  Absolute perfection.  Here are some things that made me happy the past 7 days!


A short trip to Richmond calls for my absolute favorite sushi! Yum yum yum


Speaking of Richmond, whenever you return to your old stomping grounds, visits to comforting favorite restaurants are always called for.  Delicious Irish nachos!


Walked in on my sister ironing tissue paper to make the old crinkled used ones look new.  It works apparently!


A glimpse of my rotation so far.  Mixing two creams into one super cream. Yay pharmacy!


Oh just call me the greatest Big/Grandbig/Great Grandbig EVER! Yes, Marley Lilly did it again! Their monogram scarves are great!

Have a Great Weekend!

Saving in 2013

So I saw something on Pinterest a couple weeks ago about how to pyramid-save your money a year by putting away money that correlates with the week.  Since I will start working in the later half of this year, I suppose I should find a way to save money to treat myself instead of just buying everything I want with my soon-to-be-found fortune.

More than $1000 is pretty significant! Maybe I can wish myself a beautiful Mulberry bag (more likely a wallet) at the end of this year!  The only caveat is that I don’t exactly save this in what you call a traditional bank…it’s more like the old-fashioned bank…

IMG_2209The Hokie Pig will never let me down! Yes, I got this at Target.  Yes, it was from the clearance section.

And as promised, here is this week’s Fish recipe for tomorrow’s Lenten Friday:

whitefish with macadamia salsa

2 whitefish fillets

¼ cup macadamias, halved

½ cup chopped tomatoes

1 avocado, peeled, seeded, and diced

3 tbsp coriander, chopped

3 tbsp parsley, chopped

Olive oil

Preheat great to medium heat, place fish on grill and cook until done (3-4 minutes).  make the salsa by mixing all of the other stuff together and coating it with olive oil.

It is done when warm all the way through but still a bit pink in the middle.  It can be flaked with a fork when done.

Rotation 8 FDO

Yesterday was my first day at my new rotation! The rotation is for community practice, meaning your regular pharmacy.  This is the one that everyone goes in knowing that the students are basically free labor.  I spent the day in my little corner on the back bench and basically talked to no one unless it was necessary.  It wasn’t all bad, I just hope that the whole rotation isn’t like this.


It was way more difficult to choose an outfit than it should have been because that some people I already knew work there.  So what do I do? Go back to my basics and my favorite accessories!

Pharm Swag

I feel like pharmacy is one of the few professions where we have a universal punch line. Drugs this, and drugs that, chill pill here, pill pusher there. Regardless, the pharmacy worlds takes a strange pleasure in this. When I first started school, I loved anything that had to do with pharmacy, drugs, pills, pill bottles, and so on.

Recently, I started seeing more and more products that have to do with drugs (the legal kind) and pharmacy-like novelties. I basically spent the past year snapping pictures of various items in stores. Legal? Maybe not. But I did come up with a pretty fantastic collection.








On a More Serious Note…

I’m usually very upbeat about the cool things I get to learn on my rotations.  I get to see the vital role that pharmacists can play on a health care team and see the good that we can do.  This rotation was not different from that.  In a pediatric ICU, the pharmacist’s role was incredibly important and had to be immediate.  The only difference on this rotation is the cases that I saw.  Clearly, only very sick children go to a PICU.  95% of the time, they improved and went on their way.  It is the remaining 5% that shook me the last 5 weeks.

Before starting the rotation, I was prefaced that a lot of our patients would be those with congenital heart disease (born with their medical conditions) or, sadly, child abuse cases.  I was ready to stomach those problems.  While my rotation did give me a fair share of children with various medical conditions, I did not see that many child abuse cases.  That’s supposed to be good right? Unfortunately, that gap was filled with adolescents and teens who came in after suicide attempts.  I will not go into any detail because I do not want to foster any ideas nor do I want to invade the privacy of these individuals.

What saddens me so much is that they were so young, and they thought the only way to get out of whatever bad situation they were in was the harm themselves.  I was an angry and angsty preteen and teen myself.  I was obnoxious and I thought the world was going to end when my “friend” told my boyfriend at the time to break up with me because she wanted to date him.  Problems in high school seem so insignificant now.  But how can you tell someone who is suffering that their problem is not important?  Sure in retrospect they will have more trials and tribulations that are far worse, but that would only make them feel worse.  Looking back, my problems just seemed so silly but at the time it was monumental.

So what if your world really is ending? What if you truly believe that your life will never get better.  I have news for you.  It will.  There is a bright future for everyone and sadly, some of these kids will never see it.  A lot of kids who intend on harming themselves are under the impression that no one cares about them; that they will not be missed.  For everyone who believes this, YOU ARE SO WRONG.  I saw the family members who poured in and out of patient rooms, crying because they thought they failed you.  I saw the friends who sat by your bedside holding your hand, praying that you would come through.  And the doctors, who see these kinds of situation more often than they would like, are still deeply affected and are trying their best to help.

My message is that nothing is worth harming yourself.  Plenty of people will be there to help you if you just ask. xoxo