It is about 22 degrees outside as I write this.  For my neighbors to the north, this is near tropical temperatures.  For the south, it might as well be the north pole.  Regardless, it is literally FREEZING!

I consider my room to be a safe place, where the terrors of freezing temperatures can’t get me.  Every winter I go through the process of “winterizing” my bedroom.  It starts with changing to my flannel sheets and adding 3 layers of blanket.  The first layer is a down-alternative comforter, because the outside layer is the warmest, and closest to my body.  The next layer is a quilt for weight, and the final layer on the outside is a down comforter to keep all of the heat in.



Pulling it all together on my bed are my 5 pillows.  Yes, I sleep by myself, and I need five pillows, for symmetry’s sake.  The first one is a long body pillow that I leave against the wall so I don’t bang my head in the middle of the night.  Two of the pillows are down pillows, and the other two are memory foam pillows.  This makes it very comfortable, and equally as difficult to get out of bed in the morning.



I feel like my house is poorly insulated, and the large windows in my room do not help either.  Although I do love a good amount of sunlight, I add thick curtains to keep the heat in, and the cold out.

From Bed Bath & Beyond

I like to stick to white curtains just to keep my room bright since I am covering the windows.  The key to window treatments for the winter is to avoid the sheer panels.  That’s like putting on a jacket because it’s snowing, but grabbing a cardigan instead.

Last but not least, if your room is STILL too cold, adding a space heater won’t hurt.  I would definitely avoid open-coil space heaters because it is a serious fire hazard.

From Target

Keep warm!


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