Trade-ing Secrets

I love Trader Joe’s, and it doesn’t help that there is one literally across the street from my house. My sister and I always go there for tons of snacks and frozen meals. We never really thought too much about their health/beauty aisle, because we are so used to our own regimens.

Enter my aunt, who came across someone who had mentioned that the Trader Joe’s Tingle Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner was great for fixing a dry scalp. Now, I am a winter baby, so my skin is notoriously dry in the winter. Dry skin leads to dry scalp, you know what dry scalp leads to….



So the lighting is really bad, these are the actual bottles from my bathroom.  It’s not as tingling as you would expect it, but I’ve been using the Paul Mitchell variety since I was a kid.  It comes pretty affordable, at about $5.99 per bottle I believe.  I have yet to experience any dryness on my scalp, and my hair is really moisturized, and not as dull as the past!



Here comes a whole new revelation! If their hair care is pretty awesome, how is their skin care?  On a whim, we also picked up this cleanser and facial moisturizer.  The cleanser feels like you’re getting a deep clean every time, and leaves your face feeling fresh.  Following up with the moisturizer, it is thick and luxurious without a heavy scent.  The result and a soft and supple face, that is also clearing of blemishes–love it!  I believe these also come in the $5 and lower range.

What are your Trader Joe’s beauty secrets?


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