Daily Dose 1/11


Today was my last day of freedom.  I regretfully return to 5 AM alarms for the next 15 weeks (I guess it doesn’t sound that bad…) and ready to hit the ground running on the remainder of my rotations.  I once more squandered my time off by sleeping in, and not getting any organization done, but it was pretty much worth it.  I am also finally feeling… weather (and not under the weather) and ready to start handling precious pediatric cases.


I am really excited to for tomorrow, since it will be the beginning of the search for bridesmaids dresses for my best friend’s wedding! I may be more excited for this wedding than my own.  Regardless, this week was made pretty awesome because of the following:


Cotton Snaps from a DC Girl in Pearls contest!


An amazing sushi lunch with my cousin


Finally getting the Neiman Marcus for Target Marc Jacobs clutch at a great discount!


Marking landmarks in my planner


An incredibly healthy, yet delicious, dinner with an old friend

Have a great weekend!


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