I’m a really bad Washingtonian.  Probably because I don’t really live in “district, proper”.  With all my years living here, I had never been to a Georgetown Cupcake.  I guess that I had been out of town so long at school ever since the store opened and got popular.  Made famous by their show, “DC Cupcakes” there is always an aura around them when served at parties (my cousin had them for her daughter’s  birthday party).

On Monday, this changed! Ok, so I cheated a little and went to their Bethesda, MD location, where there was no hustle, no bustle, and no lines.  Expecting some idea of grandeur, I just saw a cupcake shop.  Guess I had been to so many copycat stores that it really didn’t impress me.  Still, the little kid inside of me was mesmerized by the display of treats waiting for me to pick them and take them home.



The shop itself is very cute, and I fell in LOVE with the bedazzled Kitchenaid in the window.    I think their wrapping and presentation is the best among all cupcake shops I had ever been to.  There’s something about a nice little bow that makes a box extra special.



The only true downside of the trip was coming home and realizing that they had given me a wrong cupcake. SUPER SAD! Instead of TWO chocolate ganache cupcakes, I got one chocolate ganache and one vanilla+chocolate cupcake.  Among the others were Praline, Chocolate Mint, Cookies and Cream, and Apple Cinnamon.



We got really ambitious with a half dozen, and unfortunately are taking our time with tasting these beauties.  We’re really afraid of eating cupcakes that aren’t at their prime, but are delicious none the less!

What’s your guilty pleasure?


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