Influenster: Holiday VoxBox

Remember when I said that I was SO OVER subscription services in 2012? Well I forgot one exception: Influenster! Influenster is different because it comes at no cost and I got DELUXE samples from things I would use on a daily basis! After watching so many YouTube videos comparing different services, I saw that Influenster rules them all!

20130104-150045.jpgI actually got my box on Christmas Eve, so this was a fantastic Christmas present! Let’s take a closer look at these products:


1) The Goody Quikstyle brush is something I really wanted to buy when I first saw it–but it came with a pretty hefty price tag, around $11. I really like using this but only if I use it on slightly damp hair (wrapped in a towel or air dried for a while).  It doesn’t soak up the water like a sponge or anything, but it’s pretty good at speeding up the drying process after using it.  Pretty glad I didn’t pay double digits for it.

2) These Kiss Nail Dress manicure are a great, affordable alternative to the ones you would find at Sephora or even at drug stores.  The prints are fun and it’s just as easy to apply.  I like to stretch out the use of these bad boys by doing maybe just an accent finger with each polish change or every other finger.  I feel like using one print all at once is really overwhelming.

3) NYC Liquid Lipshine smells like CAKE! But that’s not always a good thing.  While it does smell delicious, that is not something I need to taste and smell all the time.  It has a good color and a great shine, but is a little too sticky for my taste.  This is something my 14 year old cousin would enjoy

4) Quaker Real Medleys is yummy! I love oatmeal, especially when mixed with fruit, so this is definitely a win in my book.  I love that it is single serving and great for on-the-go.  I don’t normally get to eat breakfast at home, so I can just grab this in the morning and bring it to the hospital and cook it in our little kitchen microwave.

5) Eboost is another form of energy supplement, except there is no unpleasant taste to it.  I still chugged it like one of those 5-hour energy shots though, just in case.

6) Not pictured, but I also got a $25 voucher for the Sole Society.  It worked sort of like a subscription service, and was among the first that I saw probably 3 years ago.  I have yet to purchase anything yet because the prices were pretty high (around $50) for a brand I was not comfortable with.  Maybe When there is a sale where the shoes would come down to less than $10 with the voucher, I would consider it.  I’m also trying to de-clutter my life, so I really do not need more shoes in my life!

Now, just waiting to see what else Influenster has for me!


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