2013: I resolve…

New Year’s Resolutions are really tough because it means committing to something for 365  days.  2013 is a big year of change for me. Enormous! I can’t imagine what is going to happen throughout the year, so how could I possibly focus on just one thing this year!

Instead of making life-changing moves (I’m already going to be having a lot of that), I’m going to be making some fun personal resolutions for myself, something that is different from what I am.

Regardless, becoming more organized will always be a life-long goal! My other little goals are:


1) Sounds weird, but I spend so much money on cosmetics, but I never wear any lip products. This year I would like to change that!

2) I tried to read more this past year, but my workload really caught up with me. Just trying once more

3) Ever hear that when you’re hungry, you just might be thirsty? This is something I definitely need to work on.  Plus, my skin is always dry, so hopefully this hydration will help as well

4) This may sound tedious…and may annoy the people behind me, but instead of carrying a ton of change at once…and breaking bills into more change, I’ll try to “feel richer” by paying with exact change when I can.

5) Increasing productivity will just be useful and less stressful for me. On rotation and on this blog.

Happy New Year!


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