2012: Year in Review

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe that the end of 2012 is here.  It’s been a banner year for my life so far.  I accomplished much much more than I could have ever imagined and cannot wait to see what 2013 has in store– I am becoming a doctor after all!

To have a post that is the list of all lists, I have several depictions of the best and worst of 2012! Starting with the best trends:

best of 2012

1) Bracelet stacks have taken the fashion world by storm and I am loving all the companies who help us give into this guilty pleasure

2) Pastel jeans, especially mint, have been looking great on everyone

3) Gold jewelry was really big in 2012.  As an avid silver-tone supporter, I have really come to like this new trend

4) Lace and Lace embellishments were abundant–and thus amazing this year.  When an all-lace outfit feels to formal, something like a simple tee with some lace trimmings is perfect!

5) Smoking loafers, while weird at first, are everywhere! In any color and pattern imaginable, it can dress up a simple pair of jeans or dress down a little black dress.  Did I mention they are super comfortable?

6) Leather is back and when done tastefully, it’s actually pretty cool! A simple leather skirt with a softer material like a cashmere sweater really gives a nice edgy balance to an outfit

7) I am so glad that boybands are back! One Direction is no Backstreet Boys, but I do love some new radio jams

8) Speaking of radio jams, I loved all of the amazing viral songs of 2012.  Call Me Maybe was my favorite.  It may or may not have to do with the Harvard Baseball Team!

9) Patterned tights were really big this year.  I remember wearing them in high school when I wanted to stand out in my uniform, but now they are accepted in the professional world as well!

10) Crossfit–I don’t mean to sound like a hipster when I say that I did Crossfit before it was cool! I am glad to see that in 2012, Crossfit had a big sweeping movement with ESPN broadcasts and a corporate sponsorship from Reebok

11) Chambray, although not exactly just a 2012 thing, has really taken off.  I really like that it has expanded past tshirts into other accessories and clothing.  As long as you don’t do it with jeans (Canadian tuxedo, anyone?)

12) Crossbody bags were also really big this year, with many of the major designers making adorable bags.  Look ma! No hands at the bar!

While great moves were made, there were some terrible terrible things that happened.  Some of the good things that happened were over done and I am totally over them! Here are some of the big no-nos that I hope not to see in 2013


1) Birchbox and other similar subscription services have been done over and over so many times that it’s not exciting anymore.  I feel like the quality of these services have gone down greatly

2) Fifty Shades of Grey. I mean really, I never read them but I’m sick of hearing about it.  It is a book that is based on fan-fiction of Twilight.  Who wants to read dirty Twilight?

3) Over-the-top nail art. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Also, looks terrible.

4) Nicki Minaj. I can’t with her anymore.

5) Zombies are over-done.  It’s like the new vampires but everyone is liking them, and the Walking Dead is just a bit too graphic for me.  Like, I’m really slow and apathetic, so no, I am not interested in being apart of your Zombie Apocalypse team.

6) Fake Collars–I really do not get it! Is it a collar? Is it a necklace? It looks weird

7) I don’t care if you are Bruno Mars, fedoras, especially straw fedoras, look dumb on anybody.  Unless you are in the mob, it has no purpose really.  I mean girls wearing them at NASCAR races? I don’t get it.

8) Chevron. Just because it’s on pinterest, doesn’t mean that it’s cute.  Especially chevron on anything, like this skirt.

9) Leather leggings.  Leather clothing is something I loved about this past year, but leggings are atrocious.  I’ve seen them on some rather unfortunately-sized girls and it’s not cute.  Really tested my gag reflexes.

10) Ombre. Ombre hair especially. I have an English word for you: MONOCHROME. Second, it looks like someone with a really bad hair color who needs a root job.

11) Politics.  Living in DC, politics are in my face all the time.  It just got so annoying this year because both sides had some serious faults.  What is more annoying is that politics won’t really go away because there is an election every year.  Most annoying? People who are unaware and act like this is a once-ever-four-years thing.

12) Gangnam Style. I never liked it. I think it’s stupid that it was on the radio. I think it’s stupid when there is that one guy at the bar or club who does it.

2012 was a great year for me with some great milestones in my life!

my 2012

1)  My JOB OFFER from my employer to be a big-girl pharmacist!

2) Many weddings and engagements with good friends. Don’t worry, none of which were mine!

3) My trip to New Orleans

4) Finally getting to see my Hokies play since I graduated Virginia Tech.  The game wasn’t pretty, but there is nothing like Hokie football!

5) I TURNED 25! I would say I had a quarter-life crisis, but I had mine at 20 since I plan to call it quits at 80

6) I reached a lot of Crossfit goals this year, including lifting body weight.  Of course lifting my body weight, I thought, “man I weigh a lot!”

7) My twitter account, which I kinda call my business, BOOMED! I went from several hundred followers to now Over 11,000 followers! Can you guess who I am?

8) I started this blog, and I plan to nurture this baby even more in 2013

9) I started my clinical rotations, and what a difference it is from the classroom! Sometimes I miss sitting in class all day (i.e., being on Pinterest all day)

10) I moved home.  It sounds really sad, but I’m actually quite happy.  The hospitals up at home are more exciting than in Richmond.  Also, no rent, just my soul for payment

11) My trip to Las Vegas was incredible.  Wish I hadn’t been so sick, but I can’t wait to be a strip expert when I go back in the future!

12) I saw the filming of Lincoln, which was pretty cool! I went to the set (located across the street from my Richmond apartment) one night and saw a bunch of the stars of the movie and witnessed the passing of Steven Spielberg’s diva mobile.  It was pretty cool to see things from my neighborhood in the movie!

I am such a shopaholic, so 2012 was a great shopping year for me! Sometimes I get really excited about my buys because they work out so great for me!


1) Libby Edelman flats are completely buttery soft and took NO time to break in!

2) The beauty blender completely changed the way I put on make up.  It goes on so evenly and seamlessly that my face is just glowing when I’m done!

3) Carnal Flower is fragrance exclusive to Barney’s New York.  Ironically I got it at their store in Vegas.  It is unlike any other perfume I have smelled before.  It is a strong tuberose at first and then lightens to a nice floral scent as the day goes on.

4) Josie Maran argan oil is so versatile that I can use it anywhere on my body and see some amazing, and different benefits!

5) My serenity bracelet is like my good luck charm.  It has my favorite prayer on it and keeps me going through my tough days

6) Lululemon wunder under pants are the most comfortable leggings in the world.  They are reversible and make great workout/sleep/travel pants

7) My initial cuff from C. Wonder is my absolute favorite.  My boyfriend and I have the same first initial so I like to joke with him that it’s really for him!  Don’t want to spend $48 on this cuff? New York and Company has a much more affordable version of the initial cuff!

8) Flower bomb is another great fragrance I found this year!  I like to wear it on an everyday basis and save Carnal Flower for special occasions

9) My Tory Burch dome earrings go with all of my new fantastic gold jewelry

10) This Remington clipless curling wand gives my hair amazing curls.  My hair never ever held a curl before I met this bad boy! Did I mention I got it on CLEARANCE at Target?

11) I discovered WoodWick candles this year and it has been a new pleasant surprise! I used to be an avid Yankee Candle user, but the fragrance was too strong.  WoodWick is a little bit softer and the reed crackles as it burns

12) My Toms were an accidental buy–as in I forgot to wear closed-toe shoes to work one day, and had to run to Whole Foods, because that was the only place that was open and sold shoes at 8am! They turned out to be super comfortable and went well with all of my casual looks

Lastly, the year wouldn’t be the year if I didn’t kick it off with a great outfit. We went to a casual bar in Arlington for NYE so I did not have to wear black tie (nor do I think I ever could)


I apologize that this post took forever to go up. I had initially intended this post to be up on New Year’s Eve, but yet another illness has taken me out.  Hope you all have a fantastic 2013!


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